Tornado Claims

Tornadoes are something that unfortunately happens all the time, but help is becoming increasingly accessible. With the help of just one phone call, it’s easier than before to get your tornado damage claims properly handled while you’re still in the shelter of your own home or apartment. Letting out a sigh of relief, you now understand that your tornado insurance claim filing process has been much smoother than expected.

What to do after a Tornado

If you’ve had to evacuate and now plan on staying with friends, family, or hostels, ask them to kindly not keep pets if possible. If some are still being kept, share space. There are already plenty of animals suffering who could use your help – please don’t add to the hordes by bringing in any supplies, like food or medicine. It might seem hard or unusual to say no to something, but the only way anyone can act with authority is if they do this first – it’s worth it later.

How to file a tornado claim with your insurance company

A tornado damaged my home and business. I want to file a claim with my insurance, but I am afraid that it won’t go through. If this is the case, then you can consider taking out separate insurance, especially if you are severely impacted or your home locks. If you know in advance when these events may happen, then getting an insurance policy for these specific natural disasters is an option.

How to file a tornado claim with your insurance company

Types of insurance policies my company offers

I have had to bargain hard with people who have been in a tornado experience of their own. I work as the company’s certified contractor and we offer discount packages that range in price but start around 55 dollars. However, it might be worth spending more. In order to find the best rate on flood insurance, the last thing you need to do is call companies offering floods coverage. However, it would be more logical for you to check out the companies whose intention is to help people make sure they are conscious of what their actual needs are and come up with a solution tailored just for them.

Advice for choosing the best policy for you

The aftermath of a disaster strikes without warning, and there are many different types of insurance policies to help you cover your losses no matter what. To find the right policy for your needs, it is important to research the plans available to you and make sure it aligns with your budget. When considering these questions, bear in mind that they may not be standard questions, but depending on what actually happens in your life these are things to think about before purchasing a policy.


This final blog of the series gives emergency preparedness tips that should be read before disaster strikes. Preparing for emergency events with insurance by shopOnePrime can help to guard against the financial impact of a natural disaster. You can read more about the decisions in this article and understand the impact of storm surge or fire damage to your home. Ultimately, when you are ready for your next purchase in insurance, shopOnePrime can show you all available options so that your close, personal service can offer you peace of mind from day one!

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