This decade has seen a huge surge of interest in wellness. The trend, originally triggered by our enforced social slow down during the pandemic, spans from skincare to selfcare and is now entering the realm of home interiors. Forget Barbiecore: this is the time for dopamine décor, designed to induce happiness at every turn.

While all trends go in and out of fashion eventually, the very concept of this interior design scheme means that it is guaranteed to bring you joy on a long-term basis. It works especially well if you are moving into a new build home which is ready and waiting for you to put your stamp on it. This style of décor is also a simple but effective way for you to lift existing interiors that are becoming drab. Whether you are doing up a room or transforming a whole house, here’s how to embrace the new trend for dopamine décor.

Express your personality

The first and only rule of dopamine décor is to not hold back in expressing your personality. The entire concept stems from the idea that the interiors should bring you joy, and as we all respond to slightly different things, it is important that you embrace and showcase your unique nature.

For example, animal lovers could feature a bold wildlife mural on their wall such as a jungle scene in rich tropical colours or birds soaring across a sunrise sky. Florals are an excellent way to inspire wellness as they connect us with the simplicity and grounding power of nature.

Use vibrant colours

Use vibrant colours
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To make the most of the endorphin-inducing power of your décor, use vibrant colours throughout your home. These can be boldly featured on walls or included more subtly as pops of brightness in an overall neutral colour scheme.

Putting together colour palettes for each room means that you can broaden the range of hues used while avoiding any danger of clashing shades. Of course, if you’re willing and able, there is no limit to the cheering power of total technicolour.

Choose pleasant textures

Dopamine décor is not merely made up of visual cues. You should also choose pleasant textures to inspire the peace and happiness that can only be accessed through physical touch.

For example, smooth fabrics encourage comfort and the desire to live softly while natural materials like silk can inspire energy and serenity. Try adding velvet cushions and knitted blankets to your sofa where you have the most skin-to-skin contact or put down thick woven rugs on the floor.

Add whimsical touches

Where possible, add whimsical touches to your room designs. One-of-a-kind furnishings and decorations that exactly align with your sense of humour will bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

This might include quirky furniture in a playful shape or with fun detailing like a dart board design coffee table or an armchair made to look like a giant shell. An easy way to incorporate whimsy is through your ornaments and the smaller functional objects like lamps. Art also works well: whether you are a fan of pop art or prefer pastel-shade paintings, be sure it expresses your character.

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