Creating a luxury interior requires planning, preparation and a keen eye for detail. Whether you’ve got a style in mind or you’re needing inspiration, luxury designs should provide an ultra-comfortable and stunningly stylish space.

Luxury can be integrated into every aspect of a home. The colour scheme plays a vital role in setting the tone, while furniture, finishes and textures provide the real essence of opulence.

How can you go about creating your dream luxury interior?

Creating a vision

The first step is to generate the vision for your space. This will drive the entire design process and guide you when you’re bringing your vision to life. You can find lots of inspiration online if you’re not sure what look you’re striving for.

It can be helpful to create a mood board to assimilate your ideas and any inspiration that you’re taking reference from. Colours, features and finishes should dominate here to give you a platform from which to create a space that draws everything together gracefully.

Sketches or digital designs can help to visualise walls, spaces and rooms to get a sense of the finished aesthetic before it’s too late to make changes.

You may be forced to work with existing features already in your home. While you may want to remove these entirely, incorporating these into final designs is an effortless way to protect some of the charm and character of the original property.

Preparing for works

Once you’ve finalised the designs, you can start to prepare your interior for work to begin. Depending on how intrusive your plans are, this may be a significant task or a simple case of reorganising the room.

Consider if you need to hire any specialist tradespeople to facilitate some of your alterations. They should have the expertise to provide the level of finish that you want and the knowledge of which tools will be best for the job. It also saves you the cost of buying tools such as cordless angle grinders and SDS drills for specific tasks.

Create a budget to estimate how much your interior renovations will cost you. It may not be a significant factor, but you can identify any spare budget to spend on additional features.

Bringing the vision to life

With works underway, you will need to guide the process in line with your vision to bring your dream space to life. Projects always encounter bumps along the way, so be prepared to adjust your plans should the worse happen.

Luxury is in the detail and you should carefully manage any tradespeople you hire to ensure that you get the finish that you want. Hopefully your vision is as stunning in real life as you imagined!

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