The shabby chic style creates interiors that feel worn and soft. When implemented properly, even a newly built home feels as if it is stepping out of the Victorian era. However, it’s not a formal feeling. Shabby chic is welcoming and comfortable. Follow along as we delve into how to create a shabby chic style bedroom full of elegance, warmth, and beauty.

Go White and Light

If you don’t enjoy looking at white or light colors, you may want to choose a different interior design style. Shabby chic is all about lightening things up and creating softness.

For a shabby chic bedroom, choose white or pastel shades of paint in blue, pink, or yellow. Cover the walls with these colors before doing anything else. The walls are the artist’s canvas for your design.

Introduce Layers in the Bedroom

It’s in layering that shabby chic overflows with comfort. A great place to start layering is the bed.

Quilts easily bring a shabby chic ambience to the bedroom and stand the test of time. You need bedding that can handle daily wear, especially when choosing light colors. Whether they’re antique or new, when you properly take care of a quilt, it can withstand whatever you throw at it. Also, you’ll have an heirloom to pass down.

Start with one quilt on the bed, then add a second at the foot, folded and draped for visual dimension and coziness. Also, you can’t go overboard with pillows. Add as many as you like. Just keep them light in color.

Install a Crystal Chandelier

Not often in life can one get away with dangling a crystal chandelier in their home. It takes quite a room to pull it off. That’s the beauty of shabby chic. When you do it right, a sparkling chandelier hung from the ceiling in your tiny little bedroom makes perfect sense.

Place Down Soft Rugs

Using rugs is another way to add layers. The purpose of layering is to avoid a flat and uninteresting room. Shabby chic is all about texture, layers, and comfort. Throw a rug or two in soft, worn colors down to pull everything together.

Distress the Furniture

With some paint and sandpaper, you can turn any modern piece of furniture into one that looks like it’s been around for centuries. It’s among the quickest ways to create a shabby chic style bedroom.

Begin with your current bedroom set, or look for older ornate pieces at resale shops. Here are the steps to follow to distress your furniture:

  1. Clean and sand each piece.
  2. Paint everything black, then allow it to dry.
  3. Paint over the black with white, and allow it to dry.
  4. Sand the edges of each piece to reveal some black.

Apply two to three coats of each color so that the wood doesn’t show through. You can also replace knobs and pulls with inexpensive faux crystal ones.

If you love shabby chic, give these steps a try. The results are a bedroom that’s romantic, soft, and beckoning for company.

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