How To Care for Your Sterling Silver Flatware

All collectors of sterling silver understand that correctly caring for your pieces is part of the collecting. If you recently bought sterling silver flatware or a relative passed it down, explore this “how-to” guide to care. It will help you understand the best ways to wash, dry, and store your sterling silver.

Hand Wash Your Sterling Silver Flatware

Only use a mild dishwashing liquid on your sterling silver flatware. After gently washing each piece, thoroughly dry them with a soft cloth. Do not put your sterling silver into storage wet. It must be completely dried out and cooled before you put any pieces away.

Pro Washing Tip

Never, ever wash your sterling silver with your stainless steel. Stainless steel can damage your silver. They cause a chemical reaction when dishwashing liquid is present. The silver ions will disassociate from the silver plate and shift to the stainless steel.

Wash After Each Use

Sterling silver isn’t flatware you can allow to sit and soak or leave to wash the next day. Immediately rinse and wash the pieces after each use to avoid tarnishing and food stains. Some foods accelerate the tarnishing process, unfortunately.

Correctly Store Your Silverware

Protecting your sterling silver flatware when you store it is a crucial part of being a sterling silver collector. Store it in a moisture-free drawer if you use the pieces frequently. If you only use your sterling silver flatware for special occasions a few times a year, place the silverware in a wooden chest with a protective lining. You can also purchase protective bags to store your flatware in between uses.

Ideas To Avoid Tarnish

Don’t let your silverware sit around in a drawer, especially if you have a sought-after sterling silver flatware pattern. The best way to avoid tarnish is to use your sterling silver flatware frequently. Your dining table will appreciate the fanciness, and your tableware will stay bright and shiny.

Specific foods like eggs, salt, and vinegar will tarnish your pieces. Rinse off your forks, knives, and spoons after you’ve finished a meal to avoid tarnish.

You care about your sterling silver, so following the above “how-to” guide will help your sterling silver flatware last for generations. Keep utilizing the tableware and storing it correctly.

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