Having a cooling system and central heating at home comes with significant benefits as it keeps your home’s temperature at an optimum level throughout the year. Switching from furnace to air conditioning or vice versa can put a lot of stress on the system. Therefore, it is critical to do certain preventative maintenance services every six months to keep the unit in great shape. Follow these guidelines to keep your HVAC unit running effectively all through the year:

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Examine the Filter and Clean the Vent Covers

A filthy air filter is one of the most obvious causes of air conditioner repair. Changing the filter is one of the simplest ways to increase the air conditioner’s performance, reduce the energy expenses of heating the home, and lower the risk of having repairs.

Check your filter once a month to ensure it’s not dusty or blocked. It is good to give it a good wash and blow it dry if it is. When replacing the filter, once every three months should be enough; if it appears to be dirtier than usual, change it right away, especially if your family has dogs. You may get in touch with experts of Custom Filters Direct who can provide filters based on your specific size requirements.

When the AC filter becomes too filthy, it might freeze and thaw, causing water damage. Furthermore, if you have a reusable filter, wipe it down with a soft cloth. After that, add some water and mild soap.

Another important part of cleaning regularly is the vent cover. The function of the outside vent covers is to redirect the airflow in your house.

Thoroughly Clean the Heat Pump or Condenser

Outdoor heat pumps and air conditioners can get very dusty, requiring the system to work harder to cool or warm your home.

Cleaning heat pumps and condensers reduce the possibility of internal component damage. Households must keep the tops and sides of their outdoor air-conditioning pumps and units clear of debris. Use your garden hose to clean the fins, being careful to get in between the crevices to get rid of all the muck.

Ensure that your unit is level as well. The refrigerants, which are vital to the proper operation of your air conditioner, will be fragmented if it is unbalanced. As a result, your condenser and compressor may be more prone to failure.

Thoroughly Clean the Heat Pump or Condenser

Professional Check-Ups on a Regular or Annual Basis

A check-up consists of an on-site visit from an HVAC expert who will inspect your Air Conditioning Unit and verify operating efficiently. Depending on the technician, the examination might include any of the following:

  • Checking that the fan is running properly;
  • Cleaning the coils; inspecting (and potentially replacing) the air filter;
  • Cleaning the drain lines;
  • Checking the level of the refrigerant;
  • And looking for leaks in the heat exchanger.

A professional check-up is only required once a year to assist homes in ensuring that their AC unit does not break down when they need it the most, especially during the hot summer and cold winter months.

Clean Drain Lines of the HVAC System

Having your HVAC serviced means that all components will be cleaned and examined. Besides, it will be operating at peak efficiency, avoiding excessive energy costs and pricey, unexpected repair expenditures.

Clean Drain Lines of the HVAC System

Along with chilling, an AC removes moisture from the air. This moist air then gathers in the drainpipes and is sent outdoors. With the accumulation of debris and dust, drain lines can get blocked and even provide a breeding ground for algae and mold.

It is so advisable to clean the drain pipe regularly. Remove the outer cover of the air conditioner and wipe the drain line with a clean cloth. Furthermore, you may clean it with a solution of water and vinegar to remove any mold that has grown.

Purchase a Smart AC Controller

Purchase a Smart AC Controller

Smart AC controllers or smart air conditioners can let you track your usage history and receive warnings whenever your AC requires a filter status cleaning.

Some thermostats can even detect whether your air conditioner isn’t working properly or if there’s a problem with indoor air quality. These are important indicators of a faulty Air Conditioning system.

Other modes like geofencing or scheduling allow you to activate your HVAC systems based on a preset time or place. This guarantees that your HVAC system operates properly.


Routine inspections and following through on small concerns will guarantee you have the luxury of a system without the worry of it failing. Well-maintained properties have fewer serious issues, resulting in less hassle and less expense.

Don’t put off ensuring that your home’s HVAC unit is in good operating order until a winter storm or a hot summer arrives. A little forethought now will save you a lot of trouble later, whether it’s a mid-January snowfall or a Fourth of July heatwave. Furthermore, with AC maintenance expenses skyrocketing, it is essential to prevent them.

Consider hiring expert specialists to perform your inspection and maintenance to alleviate the load and ensure everything is properly maintained. Consider supplementing this with regular cleaning and smart gadgets to lessen the strain on your unit and save several costs in the process.

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