What to Consider When Buying Retractable Screen Door

Warm weather necessitates a large number of trips to and from the yard, deck, and patio. However, when pests intrude into your home, it’s a big deal. They may descend on your meal, the buzz in your face, bite, sting, and disrupt your day in a variety of ways. A magnetic screen door, on the other hand, can help you outsmart insects by closing rapidly before they can follow you. These doors successfully keep dust and filth out while yet letting fresh air, sunlight, and breezes in.

Below are some of the factors to consider factors while shopping for the perfect magnetic screen door.


Magnetic screen doors need precise dimensions of length and width for a successful installation. Take measurements of the width and length of the doorway, as well as the present screen door, to determine the right size of the magnetic screen door to buy. Some companies only come in one size, but the majority provide a variety of lengths and widths. If your door is between normal sizes, a bigger model may be able to be adjusted to fit.


The mesh on the magnetic Screen Door is typically constructed of fiberglass or polyester, however, ABS plastic can be used for further durability on specially-designed magnetic screen doors for dogs.

  • Many people choose fiberglass mesh because it enables plenty of fresh air to move in and out of the house. Fiberglass mesh is also more robust, making it a better option for high-traffic locations such as a rear door or a sunroom.
  • Polyester mesh is less expensive, easier to see through, and allows more natural light to pass through than fiberglass mesh. It’s less durable, so if you’re going to use polyester, make sure it’s a top-grade polyester with a higher fiber count.
  • ABS plastic frames wrap a polyester or fiberglass mesh door. Pets can go outside with only a touch of the screen.


Magnetic screen doors can be equipped with a variety of fasteners to keep the door closed and secure in its position. Tacks and wind-resistant hasps are two more fastener choices, in addition to magnets.

  • Magnets: These fasteners are usually used to close the magnetic screen door on both sides. The screen’s hem is woven with heavy magnets, and their weight forces the door to close automatically.
  • Tacks: Most magnetic screen doors are attached to the doorframe using adhesive on the top and sides. To strengthen the robustness of the installation, some manufacturers utilize reinforcing tacks on the doorframe. These tacks can be brass-colored or color-matched to the screen.
  • Wind-resistant hasps: Wind-resistant hasps are an excellent option if your door will be placed in a windy environment. A hasp is a slotted hinged metal plate that fits over a loop and is locked with a pin or padlock as part of a door or lid fastening.


To extend the life of your magnetic Screen Door, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly. To keep the mesh clean, dust it with a microfiber cloth or a standard duster regularly, and wash it once a week with a wet cloth and mild soap.

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