How a Whole House Water Filter Affects Your Cleaning

If you are a fan of the Filter Butler blog, you probably have read about how unfiltered water wreaks havoc on your hair and skin. This damage to your hair and skin is one of the many reasons filtered water is so important to moms who want to ensure their families are healthy as possible.

But what many moms may not know is that in addition to helping provide clean, healthy drinking and bathing water, water treated by a Whole House Water Filter can also provide for a cleaner, more sanitary home.

Like your skin and hair, most of the damage or uncleanliness in your home (as it relates to water) comes from chlorine. Let’s take a look at how chlorine and other contaminants in water affect your cleaning and how a Whole House Water Filter can remedy these issues.

Filtered Water Benefits to Clothing

One of the primary reasons we purchase Whole House Water Filters is to treat water at the source where it enters our homes and to prevent known contaminants like chlorine from entering our bodies from consumption of water as well as absorption through our skin whilst bathing. However, these same levels of chlorine in non-filtered tap water can also cause damage to your clothing.

Because chlorine is an oxidizing agent, it essentially damages everything that it comes in contact with. Your clothing and fabrics will repeatedly come in contact with water that has traces of chlorine in it, eventually stiffening your fabrics, fading their colors, wearing out any elastics, and creating clothes that look less vibrant.

Then there is the fact that chlorine can also become embedded in your clothing, resulting in the possibility that it is absorbed by your skin. With a Whole House Water Filter, this chlorine is greatly reduced and won’t have the same harmful effects on your clothing and fabrics.

Filtered Water and Cleaner Air

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), unfiltered water may result in the breathing in of certain pollutants, namely chloroform, that are released from hot shower water[1]. Chloroform exposure, which presents short and long-term health risks, is derived from the chlorination of drinking water. It’s important to treat this substance before it enters your home with a Whole House Water Filter.

This chloroform pollutant comes in the form of gas in the home and can also derive from hot water in the dishwasher as well as a laundry machine. As municipal water supplies are chlorinated, the removal of this substance is something that will certainly help clean up the air in your home.

Filtered Water and Your Appliances

One frustration many homeowners have is spotty dishes that come out of the dishwasher. One of the primary culprits for these dirty dishes is the deteriorating efficiency of the dishwasher, that is often caused by scale buildup. The older an appliance gets, the less efficient it becomes, and this is mostly due to the buildup of scale.

Fortunately for homeowners, the undesirable effects of scale buildup can be reduced with the installation of a Whole House Water Filter. The Copper-Zinc and Mineral Stone Filter and Activated Carbon Filter component of the water filter reduces scale buildup, resulting in more efficient and longer-lasting appliances throughout the home.

For an added level of cleanliness, consider the add-on filtration component of a Salt-Free Water Softener and Descaler. The Salt-Free Water Softener prevents and reduces 99.6% of scale buildup that can cause inefficient appliances.

Filtered Water = A Cleaner Home

Many of the items in your home that come in contact with water can be influenced by the minerals and chemicals that naturally occur or that are used to treat it at the local plant. Unfortunately, much of the municipal water supply contains unwanted or unnecessary amounts of minerals, treatments, and disinfectants such as chlorine.

With the installation of a Whole House Water Filter, not only will your family enjoy the benefits of cleaner, healthier water, you’ll also enjoy cleaner clothes, air, and dishes.

Learn more about Filter Butler’s Whole House Water Filter today and protect your home from water chemicals and contaminants.


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