5 Step Guide to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Cover

Awnings, outdoor carpets and outdoor chair covers are just some of the outdoor household items that can be found all around us. It is important to know how to take care of this outdoor furniture so their lifespan will be lengthened. The outdoor furniture cover should match with your outdoor furniture perfectly in order for optimum performance.

This article provides you with 5 steps on how to choose the right outdoor furniture cover for your needs.

1.) Assess your outdoor furniture correctly

The first step to purchase outdoor table cover is to assess the type of outdoor furnitures you have carefully. There can be different types of outdoor furnishings according to its usage. Outdoor chairs, couches or tables are commonly used by many households because it could relax and entertain outdoor guests. Other outdoor furnitures such as outdoor bars and outdoor cabinets should also be covered with outdoor furniture cover.

2.) Determine the outdoor conditions your furniture currently faces

It is important that you determine outside conditions of outdoor furnishings to determine what kind of outdoor table cover fits it best. Assess the exposure of outdoor furniture to sunlight, rain, snow and wind. These different outdoor conditions will affect how long your outdoor furniture can last and its quality when exposed to these elements for a long time. For instance, if you frequently leave your outdoor bar facing the sun or rain can damage and rust metal parts quickly; while leaving an uncovered wooden chair in damp grass may cause mold growth on the surface only after few days only.

3.) Assess outdoor furniture cover features carefully

To accommodate outdoor furniture of all types, outdoor table covers which can be obtained in various materials and fabrics. It is important to assess outdoor furniture cover features carefully to determine the most suitable outdoor table cover for your needs. For outdoor couches or outdoor chairs, it is recommended that you buy outdoor table covers with elastic hems so it will fit snugly on the surface. Moreover, if your outdoor bar has drawers and cabinets with locks, you must purchase an outdoor furniture cover with zippers so it won’t easily removed by strangers when unattended. An outdoor chair cover is not advisable if your wooden chairs are large because it can become heavy when wet; while buying a thin fabric patio umbrella is not advisable if your outdoor furniture is exposed to strong wind most of the time.

4.) Assess outdoor furniture cover maintenance carefully

Knowing outdoor table covers maintenance requirements is important so you won’t have any problem using it in different outdoor conditions. It is also good practice that outdoor table cover used by your guests is stored in an outdoor storage box when not used. Outdoor furniture covers with thick fabrics may feel very uncomfortable when exposed to direct sunlight; while outdoor furniture whose exterior is made of soft plastic may become sweaty after long exposure to heat.

5.) Test how outdoor table cover performs in particular conditions carefully

Proper care given will ensure that outdoor table covers can perform well for many years without damaging your valuable outdoor furniture. To test how the outdoor table cover performs outdoor furniture in particular conditions, outdoor furniture cover should be exposed to various outdoor conditions and ensure that it won’t shrink or tear quickly.

Outdoor bar with drawers and cabinets with locks requires an outdoor furniture cover with zipper for optimum performance

Wood outdoor tables, outdoor chairs and hard plastic exterior needs an outdoor table cover made of thick fabrics carefully as these can feel very uncomfortable when exposed to direct sunlight.

To properly take care of your outdoor furniture set, it is important that you invest on high quality outdoor table covers so they will last longer. Remember the five tips mentioned above to determine the best outdoor table covers for your household needs.


Establishing outdoor furniture in the backyard is a great way to increase outdoor space at home. To make outdoor furniture last longer, outdoor table covers should be bought to protect outdoor tables, chairs and other outdoor furnishings from different outdoor conditions. The five tips mentioned above can help you assess important features of outdoor furniture cover so it will perform well when used for many years without any problems.

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