We talk décor tips and tricks to incorporate the hottest decor trends of 2023 into your space!

Fresh Feb means a fresh new look for your home!

Today we talk about an easy breezy home refresh using the décor trends set to be hot in 2023 from Swedish interior stylist Alvhem Makleri.

Blue Accents

New home: blue accents in the living room
New home: blue accents in the living room.

From vibrant indigo shades to eggshells and teals, blue accents are a must for 2023. Introduce the trend at your place through a rug, a cushion, or a funky ornament.

blue living room furniture

Adding a few pops of an accent color to a room will instantly harmonize the space. In this dining room, a stunning blue rug and robin’s egg fridge make a mark on a monochrome background.

blue accents for living room

New Botanics

An appreciation for the beauty of nature remains right in style, with new botanicals in the form of leaves, vines, and a variety of forest creatures taking the place of last season’s floral blooms.

New home: Botanics in wallpaper

Botanicals make for excellent wallpaper accents for a feature wall or for adorning the entire room, bringing a soothing, calming presence to the space. Other ways to embrace the trend include prints on soft furnishings, lampshades, or framed artworks.

contemporary botanical wallpaper

Modern Tribal

Tribal, eclectic influences from across the world meet to provide a rich and eclectic cultural tapestry for design inspiration that is introduced in subtle, attentive ways to the modern space.

New home: Eclectic rugs and Ottoman

The trend allows for experimentation in the form of mismatched furnishings, Aztec-inspired prints, layered rugs, and plenty of natural fibers.

Eclectic feel in the living room


A big look on the latest fashion runways, monochrome can be translated into the home in a chic and stylish way that really packs a punch! Build the space in a rainbow of tones – blacks, greys, whites, and neutrals in various prints, textures, and heights.

New home: monochrome living

Monochrome tones work particularly well in the bedroom for a totally laidback, dreamtime feel.

Best Monochrome Bedroom ideas
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