Rental apartments offer countless benefits for people starting a new chapter of their lives. With no long-term financial obligations associated with buying a property and countless locations to choose from, you have all the fresh opportunities you can imagine in the palm of your hand.

Well, this clean slate definitely warrants an appropriate decoration that will allow you to make this new beginning even more enjoyable and optimistic. So, you might be wondering now – just how much you can change and adapt keeping in mind you are not the owner of the property. Rest assured, you have more than plenty of options at your disposal.

Let us take a look then at some of the most intuitive, fun, affordable, and creative ideas you can use for your future template.

Start with the walls

In the world of rental apartments, new tenants usually come hand in hand with a fresh coat of paint. So, use this opportunity to talk with your future landlord and try to have a stake in choosing the new colors of the apartment. Of course, since wall paint serves as a backdrop for all of your future efforts, you should have at least some idea about the vibe you want to produce. If you are still unsure about the final setup, you can go with the traditional neutrals like white, beige, brown, and shades of grey. Black makes a bit bolder choice but it will still leave you room to play with striking accents.

Use mobile kitchen elements

This will be a true home run if you lack enough countertop or storage space but have a lot of unused floor space. Sure, putting small countertops, tables, and storage racks on the wheels may look silly at first glance, but it also packs an incredibly rustic and charming feeling. And, it allows you to easily readjust the kitchen elements however you see feet or simply move them away to another room if they are in the way. So, you get multiple functions and flexibility wrapped into the same package. For the extra points, try putting on your DIY skills and making these pieces yourself.

Paint the décor with a healthy dose of green

Paint the décor with a healthy dose of green

Indoor plants are a joy. They are pleasant to look at, offer countless health benefits, and infuse the indoor space with some much-needed life. Green plants also make a very fortunate marriage with pretty much all indoor styles. No matter whether you infuse your DIY pieces with a twist of green or juxtapose these vibrant colors against a minimalistic and streamlined backdrop, plants will blend all these setups like a well-tailored glove. Of course, if you want to save yourself a lot of trouble, you should roll with the easy-to-maintain varieties like Dieffenbachia, Peace Lily, Croton, and Cast Iron Plant.

Make pop with modern art

You don’t have to go overboard especially if you are going to populate the space with a lot of plants. But, carefully selected pieces of modern art can go a long way in elevating even the interior, even in more affordable apartments. You can also use this opportunity to make the space feel more homely. So, if you are, for instance, looking for cheap apartments in Denver, look for modern pieces displaying local landmarks like Daniels & Fisher Tower. Or you can pick some Nuggets-themed. In any case, putting such items at focal points will lend the space some very welcome pizzazz.

Split the rooms into different areas

You can look at them as different nooks. So, in one corner you can have a bookshelf with a cozy reading chair, in another corner you can have your entertainment setup, and in the third, you can have your small productivity hub. These areas shouldn’t be split by any artificial borders. On the contrary – you should make the space as de-cluttered and free-flowing as possible. Draw the borders with nothing more than different design elements, styles, and furniture pieces. This way, you will not only make the room more functional – you will also make the vibe much more dynamic, versatile, and vivid.

Layer the lighting with statement lighting pieces

Layer the lighting with statement lighting pieces

Essentially, since you want to create the same effect you would get with layered lighting – make the space more stylish and moodier, draw attention away from the less flattering areas to focal points, and optimize the power consumption. Well, since you won’t be able to play with the apartments’ lighting layout, you can find a perfectly suitable workaround in the form of statement lighting pieces. First and foremost, due to their stylish look, they make a very visually striking addition to any room. Second, they do a great job in layering interior lighting and playing the role of accent and task lights.

Play with DIY open storage units

We are talking about the things clothes rails, kitchen racks, and other similar storage pieces that are usually enclosed and saved for your eyes only. Well, by opening up these bulky storage units you can actually create a very interesting visual effect and easily turn your dishes, towels, and yes, even your jackets and coats into very novel decorative items. It is good to know that these open storage units also take a lot less space which makes them very suitable for smaller apartments. They are also within anyone’s DIY skillset so you can unleash your creativity and try these in your free time.

Wallpaper whatever you can

Wallpapers can be easily removed by your landlord so they make a perfect cheat option if you don’t like the décor you have inherited from the previous tenants. What can you use wallpapers for? Well, pretty much everything. Walls, furniture pieces, countertops, even windows… Wherever you see a flat surface, that surface can be covered with some new exciting color, pattern, or visual element. So, if your landlords are on board and if you are 100% sure you won’t cause any damage; feel free to play with this option. You can change the entire concept of some space without replacing a single piece.

Well, we hope these eight examples will help you make your new rental apartment new exciting, fresh, and homely. Or that we have sparked a couple of ideas of your own. As you can see most examples we gave you are not overly expensive or hard to pull off. You only need to think creatively and use whatever resources you already have at your disposal. So, don’t miss to make this new chapter of your life truly your own. If you make your new rental feel like home, all other things will soon fall in line.

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