5 Fun Ceiling Decorations for Your Wedding

Are you having an indoor wedding? There are two main advantages to this set-up. First, you don’t have to worry about forces of nature. This includes the weather, insects, or even wild animals. Second, you (arguably) have more freedom to decorate the venue.

By the latter, we mean that you are not confined to the inherent aesthetic of being outdoors. When you’ve rented out a place, you have an entire room to decorate. The floor, the walls, and the ceiling are all yours. Everything is a blank canvas, ready for your inspiration. We’ve showcased some of the work we’ve done for our previous clients on Supernova Wedding Design.

If you have the extra time and budget, you should definitely invest in one of these show-stopping ceiling decorations.


Want something that’s both sweet and slightly whimsical? Try going for balloons. They’re easy to set up and naturally look good floating above the heads of your guests. You can experiment with size, color, placement, and number of balloons to get the ideal vibe for your wedding.

If you need any ideas, you can contact professional balloon decoration services who can make your event space look so festive that it will immediately make a great impression on all your guests. In addition, oversized balloons can help draw attention to where the bride and groom are seated, or where the dance floor is located.

Plants and Flowers

While plants and flowers have been an integral part of weddings since forever, we’re constantly discovering new and exciting ways to showcase them.

We could install vines and trellises for a romantic vibe or have flowers descending from the ceiling. We can look into arches and centerpieces as well. Gone are the days when designers were limited to potted plants, bouquets, and boutonnieres!

And to add a modern twist to this timeless design, you can also consider going for single flower types, or geometric arrangements.

When it comes to greenery, we’re accustomed to seeing them as fillers for flowers. But it’s just as possible to make them the focal point of your indoor event as well. The possibilities are endless.


Lighting is incredibly versatile. The positioning, strength of the lights, and colors can signify transitions from one activity to another. It’s a great mood-setter, for sure.

Candles, chandeliers, lanterns, spotlights…there are so many options to choose from and plenty of ways to incorporate lighting into the ceremony. Make sure you’ve got someone manning the lights throughout your celebration to maximize the effect.


Want your wedding to look transcendent and ethereal? Crystals are an amazing way to turn your venue into a head turning dreamscape. You can truly personify the phrase “diamonds are forever” on your special day.

Crystal ceiling installations, iridescent decor, and other strategic placements can create interesting reflections around the venue. We recommend pairing crystals with additional to bring out its full effect.


Here’s an underused wedding design. Strands of ribbon, clothing, or tinsel suspended close together can be attractive if showcased in the right way. For example, a fringe tunnel is a unique photo op idea. Alternatively, you could also consider using fringe to demarcate one event space from another.

One part of an indoor wedding venue that is particularly exciting is the ceiling. Sometimes, it can be overlooked when you are too caught up in your floor plan. But ceiling decorations are capable of taking your aesthetic to the next level.

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