wedding arch decor
Wedding Arch Decor

Flowers are one of the major elements used in most weddings and they will make the entire place look fresh and blooming in beauty. Fresh flowers have a special effect in making the place look very decorative and their natural fragrance fills the place with a magical touch that will make the wedding moment a special one.

Also, you can blend a beautiful mix of colors with different varieties of fresh flowers bought by one wedding florist to make it look very bright and appealing. Listed below are some of the ideas where you can make use of flowers at their best to make the wedding décor one of the best of its kind.

tall centerpieces
Wedding Tall Centerpieces ideas

Floral backdrop idea

Look at this beautiful floral backdrop where the couple will take their oath and enter into wedlock. Decorate the tree with just lengthy garlands of flowers that will adorn the trees elegantly. These garlands will look beautiful and simple that can be used instead of streamers or other tree decors.

floral backdrop
Floral backdrop

Bubble tree décor idea

This is one of the cutest floral décor ideas where you can place single flower heads in each of the glass bubbles and hang them with help of strings from the branches. This will make it look very attractive and unique. You can also replace the flowers with candles or make use of both the décor on the trees.

floral bubble tree decor
Floral Bubble Tree décor

Chair décor idea

Attach a bunch of flowers of various colors and varieties to the back of the chair to make it look very pretty and stunning. Usually, wedding chairs will be decorated with a sash or with other decorative fabric material, but these floral décor ideas will make it look pretty than every other décor idea though it’s cost-effective and simple.

floral chair decor
Best Floral Chair Decor ideas

Floral chandelier

Make your own floral chandelier for your wedding with help of old crates and beautiful flower heads hanging from it in even order to make it look beautiful and decorative.

floral chandelier
Floral chandelier

Floral place cards in tubes

Look at this innovative floral place card that looks very pretty and attractive since the flower stems are cut evenly and placed within the test tubes along with nametags in them.

floral place cards

Floral shower centerpiece décor

Instead of making use of tall centerpieces on the tables, which will not only reduce the tablespace but will also hide the view of people sitting opposite to each other. These beautiful floral showers hanging from above will make it look unique and very catchy.

Floral shower centerpiece décor
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