As a homeowner, knowing when to take the DIY approach and when to call a pro is notoriously difficult. On the one hand, you do not want to waste money. On the other, though, you need to achieve the best results for your home. 

There are hundreds of services you could hire for the home and many are not worth the money. Nonetheless, others can transform your love of the property for the better. Here are six of the best.

Roofing contractors

As a homeowner, it is very easy to let the condition of your roof get overlooked until serious problems emerge. However, preventative measures or quick responses to minor issues will save you a lot of problems in the long run. Calling a roofing contractor to repair and restore your roof is highly advised. The harsh reality is that a DIY effort will only provide a temporary solution, meaning you’ll be left with a worse problem later on. When the roof is in good health, it’ll protect everything below.


Your property isn’t defined solely by what’s inside the four walls. Outside spaces have a telling role to play in your overall relationship with the home. However, designing and maintaining a gorgeous garden benefits from an expert touch. This allows you to think about low-maintenance ideas such as irrigation systems. Meanwhile, you can be sure that the landscape aligns with your preferences and can support you for years to come. It will make your life a whole lot easier.

Foundation repair specialists

Many small problems around the home can be fixed on a DIY basis, especially when they are cosmetic issues. However, structural problems must not be ignored. If you have noticed damage to the foundation, it’s vital that this is seen to by an expert ASAP. Aside from preventing further damage and getting the home back level, it’ll keep your family safe. Sadly, if you take on this work yourself, it could invalidate home insurance coverages. In short, it’s not worth taking the risk.

Pest control experts

When you notice signs of a pest infestation, it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands. This may be OK if a bird has fallen down the chimney into the home. However, if mice or bugs have found their way into the property, calling professional pest control services is the best choice by far. It allows you to identify the source of entry, block it off to stop future problems and remove any animals humanely. Likewise, it’ll enable you to remove any nests before reproduction occurs. 

Repair services

While paying for a repair service can seem like an added expense, it’s often far cheaper than replacing faulty goods. Moreover, a reputable handyman will advise you by telephone if they believe you should update to a new appliance. For example, your broken washing machine may be far less efficient than current models. The replacement parts may be expensive too. In some cases, you can fix things on a DIY basis. But an expert makes things as good as new.

Security teams

Keeping the home suitably protected is essential if you want to feel 100% comfortable inside it. While you could install some cameras yourself, calling an expert is advised. Aside from ensuring that you have 360-degree surveillance, they’ll identify other issues. Whether it’s improving visibility of outside spaces, adding lights, or strengthening your door locks doesn’t matter. When you take on that advice, your home will become safer while you’ll also gain peace of mind.

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