Green is officially the color of 2023—and not just any old green will do! Krylon has chosen Spanish Moss—a deep forest green that pays homage to nature—as its must-have shade of the year. The reason is patent: nature-inspired (or “biophilic”) design is the defining force in the world of interiors, with home and business owners alike seeking to tap into the stress-relieving benefits of the Great Outdoors. Forest green is gracing some of the world’s most luxurious interiors these days, ranging from living rooms to bedrooms, and outdoor patios. However, if you are currently renovating a small bathroom, and you envision it in forest green, then read on!

Tapping into Biophilic Design Principles

Biophilic design is focused on blurring the divide between indoor and outdoor living. It encompasses everything from the use of indoor plants to nature-inspired prints, a myriad of textures inspired on outdoor life, and green-hued everything. For your small bathroom, start by thinking of the way in which you wish to incorporate the forest green. One way is to paint all or one or two walls in this verdant hue. Another is to create gorgeous paint effects, including green and white striping or a horizontal partition of your well design, with the top half bearing a white or cream hue and the bottom half a cool nature-inspired green. 

The Power of Color Psychology

It is amazing to think that your chosen bathroom color impacts your mood, productivity, and sense of calm. Numerous studies have shown that colors have a powerful impact on our psychological state. For instance, red, yellow, and orange are energizing colors, while green, blue, and purple are calming. If you want your bathroom to have more than one color, play with contrasting and complementary colors if you wish to add warmth, energy, and liveliness to your small bathroom. On the other hand, if relaxation and simplicity are the order of the day, then sticking to green plus one light or neutral color will ensure you create a peaceful oasis.

Forest Green Tiling

If your bathroom is very small, then you may only have one wall that would make an ideal statement zone. This may be the shower or the dressing area. In this case, tiling is a magnificent choice when it comes to adding something really spectacular to this spot. If you have a shower and bath, for instance, imagine your shower wall and bath frame containing cool forest green tiles, some of which contain appealing metallic effects. Or a dressing area with tiling above and beneath a floating dressing table. Interior design magazines are filled with fantastic examples of beautiful small bathroom tile work—including narrow vertical black and green tiles, delicate green and cream striped statement walls, and marble-effect green tiles which pair beautifully with your chosen indoor plants.

Embracing Life Indoors

Complement your green walls and statement features with indoor plants that thrive in humid areas. To really make your small bathroom feel like a garden paradise and to maximize your available space, hang and place your plants at different heights. Hang them from the ceiling, adorn a window frame with a small pot, and take advantage of a free corner next to your dressing table. The more plants you can fit inside, the more you will feel like you have stepped inside a jungle and the more appealing bath time will be. If space is of the essence, choose small, compact plants like the ponytail palm, hedgehog aloe, and neon prayer plant.

Forest Inspirations

The biophilic design trends is also about harnessing the beauty of forest, jungle, and ocean imagery. If the idea of transforming your bathroom into an artistic nook appeals, then you can opt for features like humidity-proof wallpaper bearing gorgeous designs such as flowers, leaves, and forest trees. If painting and drawing are strengths, then why not invest in a moisture-resistant mural? Some brands have mildew-resistant wallpaper murals, which can seriously cut the amount of work involved if you don’t want to hire an artist or paint the mural yourself. 

Forest green is officially the color to embrace this year. Incorporating it into your small bathroom design not only taps into the biophilic design principles that blend indoor and outdoor living but also harnesses the soothing power of color psychology. With careful tile choices, indoor plants, and forest-inspired decor, you can create an enchanting oasis that brings the tranquility of the natural world right into your home.

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