Eco-Friendly Ways To Dispose of Renovation Scraps

The average DIYer thrives off the techniques and materials they use for their home projects. However, when it comes to disposing of renovation waste, throwing it all into a dumpster to go to a landfill may not seem right. Here’s a list of eco-friendly ways to dispose of renovation scraps.

First Steps

Plan Early

First, properly tossing out renovation waste involves more than remembering the three Rs. An important first step is planning out your remodeling project before you get started; that way, you’ll know your disposal options when you need to clean up. As you plan out your project, decide what materials you want to use, and consider how you’ll dispose of them. Moreover, Rubbish clearance services such as Rubbish Removal Birmingham can be a great help in this regard as they’ll help you to get rid of the waste in no time.

Limit Your Waste

No matter what project you find yourself dealing with, there are ways to control the waste you produce. For example, don’t overuse paint if you don’t have to, and don’t waste any other materials. If the company you purchased from has a recycling program, consider donating leftover products to the manufacturer so that they can break them down and reuse them. In the end, you’ll still need a Dumpster Rental, but with these guidelines, you’ll probably cut your waste and a small dumpster will suffice for less rental costs.

How To Dispose of Renovation Scraps

Reuse Old Supplies

Many DIYers use new supplies such as carpet, wood, and even broken glass without considering reusing old materials they already have on hand. Sort through your existing supplies to see if you can use any for your current project. Then, if you have leftover materials from this project, clean everything up and store them in a dry, dark place to use later. By reusing supplies, you reduce the amount of waste you generate.

How To Reuse Materials

If you have extra wood, consider using it for future projects, such as a birdhouse or a section divider for plants. You can reuse broken glass to decorate planters or create decorative stepping stones.

Consider using excess carpeting or rug scraps to refurbish dog beds or create a new welcome mat. Also, think about placing carpet squares underneath the furniture to prevent scratched hardwood floors.

Recycle All Materials

Dumpster rental companies provide an even better way to combat waste issues. Many people may not know that renting a dumpster is eco-friendly and can help you learn how to sort certain materials and dispose of everything properly.

Safely Toss Hazardous Material

When removing hazardous waste, you need to be careful how you dispose of everything, especially if it requires professional help. For items containing mold or asbestos, it’s best to hire an asbestos removal company to remove the material. Here are other toxic materials to let professionals handle:

  • Lead paint
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Freon

All in all, these eco-friendly ways to dispose of renovation scraps will help you learn the right way to recycle any leftover supplies. Keep making the Earth a better place by recycling, reusing, and reducing your remodeling waste.

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