Designing a Crafting Space

Expressing yourself through crafting is great, but it isn’t easy to do that without dedicating an area to your hobbies. Here’s everything you need to know about designing a space so you can make the ultimate getaway for your free time.

You’ll prepare the ideal creative nook and be able to put together beautiful dresses in no time.

1. Consider the Necessary Room

Figuring out how much room you need is the first step in designing a crafting space. Someone who loves to embroider will require much less room for their art than someone creating a dress from scratch. Think about the supplies you’ll need for your crafting to pick the best location for things like a desk, chair and storage furniture.

2. Create Great Lighting

It’s no fun to start a new project and have to squint the entire time you work on it. Remember to add adequate lights to your crafting space. Instead of setting the room’s ambiance with fairy lights, you’ll get more joy from your getaway by utilizing task lighting techniques like installing multiple lamps or overhead fixtures.

3. Pick a Creative Space

You might immediately assume you don’t have space for a dedicated crafting area because you don’t have an office or empty room in your home. Get creative and think outside the box. The new location could spark your ongoing creativity. The space above your garage could be the perfect place for dress design if you add drywall, flooring and electrical outlets for all your electronic needs.

4. Focus on One Hobby

Once you have a space in mind, it’s tempting to fill it from floor to ceiling with supplies. It’s better to focus on one hobby to prevent clutter. You could use wall space and desk drawers to store sewing supplies if you want to design a new type of wardrobe or start a sewing business. Your hobbies won’t have to battle for your attention amid clutter that drains your creative energy.

5. Consider Your Tools

What tools will you need for your crafting plans? Look for multipurpose storage options so you don’t feel limited to one craft forever. You could use a pegboard to hang things like soldering supplies, knitting needles or sewing thread as time goes on. It could even prop up shelving and containers to hold everything.

6. Try Adjustable Shelving

You may worry about designing a crafting space because you often jump from one craft to another. Plan for future changes by picking adjustable furniture like shelving. Suppose you need to keep a sewing machine on a shelf and eventually replace it with bird-watching binoculars. In that case, you can move the shelves around on their tracks to morph your storage abilities with your current interests.

7. Hang Inspirational Pictures

Empty walls are dull and may even intimidate your creative spirit. Fill them with pictures that strike you as being inspirational. Whether that’s locally sourced art or your favorite family pictures, framing everything will splash your personality on the walls and make you feel more at home.

If you love more of a traditional medium like painting or drawing, you could get empty frames to eventually fill with your work. Nothing would be better than covering the walls with your own art.

8. Choose Happy Colors

The colors in your crafting space will influence your mood. Bad moods rarely result in the willpower to dig into your creative spirit, so fill the room with shades that inspire positive vibes and serenity like:

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Silver

Think about which colors you prefer and use them however you’d like. Brush a new coat of paint over the walls. Place stickable wallpaper to make a focal point. Use the color as a guide to pick out picture frames, pillows and curtains. You’ll surround yourself with a positive vibe and love the new space right away.

Enjoy Designing a Crafting Space

Designing a crafting space won’t feel like a challenge while following these tips. You’ll think of everything you need to make a serene getaway when life gets tough. No matter how you express yourself, you’ll always have a place for your creative passion to thrive.

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