The living room is the gathering place of the home. It’s where people get together to watch TV, have a game night, snuggle on the sofa, or read a good book. Your living room should be a sanctuary that you love to relax in. If it isn’t, here are some tips for making your living room cozier!

Soft Textiles

The simplest way to make your living room cozy heaven is by adding soft textiles everywhere you can. This can be light grey throw blankets or pillows, macrame wall hangings, or a lush rug. Filling your room with textures that feel nice on the skin will help you relax and feel more at peace with your space.

Bonus tip: Layering rugs is very important this year! Try using a natural texture rug on the bottom, like jute, and add a soft decorative rug on top. The combination of textures is not only visually interesting but also ups the cozy factor!

Fill Up the Walls

Make your space feel more personal by filling your walls with photos and wall art prints. This is an easy way to ensure that your living room reflects your personal style, and gives your guests the opportunity to get to know and connect with you through your art. If you’re not sure what to hang, there are many online resources that sell beautiful art prints for a reasonable price. Also, hanging photos of friends and family is always a great choice!

Bring in Life

Bring some life into your living room by adding plants and flowers! Adding these natural elements makes the space feel fresh and rejuvenated and will put a smile on your and your guest’s faces. Fresh cut flowers are also a great décor piece because you can change them based on the season or your mood!

Warm Up the Lighting

Using harsh, bright lighting will make any space feel harsh and sterile. Try choosing soft white bulbs and using natural light as often as you can. If you have the option, opt for lamps instead of overhead lighting. This also allows for a softer and gentler look. You can also try filling your space with candles as both the warm glow and pleasing scent are very calming.

Add Comfy Furniture

Having comfortable furniture that you enjoy resting in is essential to creating a cozy space. If you don’t feel cozy when snuggling up on your couch, it’s time to find another living room furniture sectional online, because you deserve a soft, plush sectional sofa to come home to after a hard day.

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