It’s that time of the year when you now take a laid-back step and focus on getting relaxed. After a long year where you have worked hard, it’s now time to enjoy the festivities. The times are also synonymous with decorations, and you need to ensure yours stand out.

A huge part of the decoration is centered on lighting, the shining light for Christmas. You will need to get the right ones if your décor ideas stand out. You can buy some new home lighting for your décor, and you can improvise on what you already have.

Here are some right home lighting fixtures and LED floor lamp ideas for your Christmas décor.

flush mount chandelier lighting

Table-top Lamps

One of the best ideas you can use for your Christmas décor idea has got to be a table lamp set. The good thing about them is that you can get various options from traditional to modern ones. You can be as creative as you need to be when you go this route for your décor.

Some of the options you can go for include

  • Fun lamp – the fun lamp can feature several ideas. One way to ensure it comes out is through the color. Red being the Christmas theme color, you need to have it on at least one.

If you have a lot of red around, you can have green on the table lamp sets to complement the look you’re trying to give the lamp.

  • Modern lamp – the modern table lamp is more of a new idea than the old one. This one features new tech, for example, LED lights, and the setting may also be different. This one can make the whole décor come alive with its modern features.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are also another idea you can use for your Christmas décor. And you have a wide array of options to play around with when it comes to this option. You can go for the modern designs or even the traditional ones.

The traditional lamps don’t have much to go with for floor lamps for décor. You can play around with different lights hovering over the lamp to get the best appeal. If they align with the Christmas colors, you can use them as part of the décor.

The modern led floor lamps should be considered if you buy new ones. These are pretty versatile, and you can use them after the festivities. You only need to get the right lights for the whole purpose.

  • Creative Floor Lamps

When going for floor lamps, you can go for the creative option. The innovative option is that you have several ideas to play around with. For example, you get a straight, tall LED lamp.

You only get a straight bar with its lights and nothing much to it with this lamp. It can be any color of your choosing and work for a white Christmas option.

Modern led floor lamp
  • Twiggy

You can also go for the twiggy floor lamp if you want to complement the décor with different colors. For example, if you already have a red and green for your décor, you can go for a black twiggy to help the whole concept come alive.

The design for the lamp is better suited for around a study table or at a particular corner. If you place it right along the centerpiece line, it will compliment your décor design well.

  • Z-Bar

Another option if you are not looking for a bulky option for your lamp is this type of lamp. This is an excellent example of a modern led floor lamp. You only have a bar that runs from the ground up and the lamp at the top.

It is called the Z-Bar because of the shape it forms when it is finally set up. This lamp is mostly used as a reading lamp for those houses that don’t have a specific study table. It can be hoisted around the corner chair where you can go relax while you read a book.


Another part of the lighting features you can go for when it comes to Christmas décor has got to be chandeliers. If you already have one, you can use it to your advantage to add some of your decorations to it.

Because they are hoisted on the roof, you can work around it well. You can hang some of the dripping lights to it and have them bring out the décor concept. You can also use it as the reference point for your décor when you don’t have a tree.

Most of the décor that would have gone on the tree would easily go to the chandelier. It will be the focal point with every small décor piece hanging off it.


Pendants are more like the floor and table lamps but with a twist. They are upside down and hoisted to the roof as much as the chandeliers. You can get these in a wide array of options that gives you a good base.

If you use pendants for your Christmas décor, you need to choose the right ones.

  • Multi-tiered Pendants

If you want a glam feel for the white Christmas theme, the multi-tiered pendant is the one to go for. This one can come in several colors, but you can go for the silver one to better feel the décor.

This can set the tone for a classic Christmas theme.

  • Mini pendant

If you have a small living room, you can go for the mini pendant as part of your décor. This one can sit in the corner of your living room, and you don’t need to stress about décor lights for that area. The pendant should be used to cover for that.


When looking for the right Christmas décor, lights should be a huge part of it. You have several lighting features that you can go for, as you have seen above. Each one of them can be great if you use them creatively as part of your Christmas décor idea.

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