Simple Changes To Make A Rental Feel Like Home

Being productive and happy in a disorganized and messy space is extremely difficult. A cluttered mind is often indicative of a cluttered and unappealing living and/or workspace. Research has shown that individuals are far more satisfied in life if their living quarters are esthetically pleasing.

Placing a photo of a loved one on the wall or other personal effects on a coffee table often aren’t enough to make one feel at “home” in a rental property. Restrictions relating to painting or applying wallpaper often come attached to the keys that are handed over once a lease has been signed. In the past, peace had to be made with just putting a picture on the wall, some books on a shelf, and laying out a rug. Times have changed, and with a little creativity along with the use of new, high-impact temporary décor items, you can easily turn your rental into a home and back again in a weekend’s time.

Spray Paint

Painted Mirrors ideas

Bring in pops of color with spray paint, from lamps and frames to flower pots to candle holders. Customize your space with your favorite colors. Create a white modern or colorful, eclectic space with a few cans of spray paint and some imagination.

Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary Wallpaper
How to make a furnished rental feel like home.

Temporary wallpaper has been out for some time, but the affordability factor has been a deal-breaker. Target and other low-cost retailers now offer removable wallpaper at a fraction of the cost. Designs come in chevron and other popular prints and colors. These peel and stick options can also be used to spruce up doors and dresser panels.

Create an Indoor Garden

Decorating a rental apartment on a budget
Decorating a rental apartment on a budget.

With the growing popularity of container gardens, make your décor serve double duty. Purchase pretty flower pots or spray paint them, and add your own herbs. Growing your own herbs will supply you with your own cooking seasonings as well as add greenery to your space. Many herbs do not require a large amount of sunlight, so they are perfect for an indoor space. Low maintenance Succulents are another option for adding plants to a rental space.

Go Thrifting

how to feel at home in a rental

While in a rental, it is a normal feeling to avoid investing in expensive furniture pieces or décor items. Renting is often a temporary situation, creating leery feelings about spending a lot of money on quality furniture pieces. This doesn’t have to be the case. Search around your local thrift store, Habitat Restore, or other second-hand outlets for vintage or eclectic pieces. By pairing new items with vintage ones, the contrast makes for quite the living space. You may need to sand and spray paint or sew a pillow, but this minimal amount of elbow grease will have you welcoming guests with a sense of pride at your handiwork.

Experiment with Lighting and Layer textiles

decorating a rental home

Nothing says generic like basic overhead lighting. Spruce up your place by putting in nice lamps. Highlight special photos and place spotlights on your bookshelves. Create mood lighting that will help you stay away from overhead lights. To assist in creating the mood, also layer your textiles. Mix the prints on your pillows, rugs, and throws. Textiles create warmth in a space. When mixing prints, stick to a complimentary color theme to keep the pieces cohesive.

Go ahead, give them a try and let us know what other techniques you use to make your space home!

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