How to Transform a Cluttered Room in Five Easy Steps

Clutter is part of life. We all experience it, and we all struggle to control it. When a room in your home gets out of control, follow a few basic steps to put it right again. This way, your home can stay as chic and fashionable as you without giving way to the clutter cycle again.

Remove Unnecessary Items

The first step is to eliminate all unnecessary items from the room. If a litter is left sitting around, stop bringing it to that particular room, or place a trash bin within easy reach for food wrappers, cigarette butts, broken objects, and other debris. Avoid bringing food to the area, as that can result in leftover dirty dishes or odorous containers. Add a pleasant plug-in scent or floral spray for a fresh feel.

Prioritize Remaining Items

Take a good look at what’s left in the room. Decide which things should be left in the open for easy access, like a television set, computer, or bulky furniture pieces. Less important items like board games, hand weights, and unread books can be set aside for secondary consideration. Gather everything together that is not often used, and set it aside for storage.

Reorganize Storage Space

If the room has a closet, a cupboard, or shelves, organize the unnecessary items in an attractive order. For example, use stack crates for books, magazines, shoes, and other things that won’t be needed any time soon. Stack them in the closet in neat order. On the shelves with visible space, place collector items, Knick knacks, trophies, and other things that you want to keep and enjoy looking at but prefer to keep out of the way. This is also a good time to reorder the room furniture-wise. If you want to switch around a chair, table, or dresser, do it while the mess is out of the way, and you can look for more storage options.

Minimize Distractions

Depending on which room it is, remove unwanted distractions. These might include electronics, video games, unused furniture like chairs or decorator tables, a CD collection, and things of that nature. Place them in the closet area or store them elsewhere. Think critically about the things you display now. Is that vase really adding to the décor? Switch out old or outdated pieces and furniture.

Add Attractive Accents

Now that the room is less cluttered and more orderly, bring in some colorful accent pillows and slipcovers for the furniture. Add custom window coverings or attractive blinds. Include seasonal plants or hanging baskets for a festive touch. Pick out illustrations or portraits that capture the mood of your room. Enhance or minimize lighting for a change of illumination and mood. Lamps can make a space cozier while big windows can let in more light.

All it takes to de-clutter a room is the ability to separate, store, organize, and decorate using mostly what you already have. Little cost is involved, and it won’t take much time. You will enjoy the spacious and airy feel so much that you will likely plan to de-clutter other crowded rooms in the house. Soon you’ll feel like you have a home you can really relax in.

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