Decks for Tranquil Escape: The Way Towards Your Summer Cabin

Are you seeking ways to create more livable spaces in your home? Perhaps you want to improve the visual appeal of your home. How about setting up a tranquil getaway in your backyard? Investing in a deck may be the best way to add liveable space, increase the aesthetics of your home, or create a comfy gateway. You can turn just about any area in your home into a comfy and tranquil escape, including the deck. Don’t just attach a rectangular wooden structure to your home. These five creative ideas will help you set up an outdoor living area you can turn to whenever you want to recharge.

Don’t Cut Down That Tree

If you have a tree or trees in the yard, don’t cut them. Build your deck around the tree. The tree will not only add a jaw-dropping element to your deck but also make the space more calming and relaxing. Besides, the tree will provide a natural shade. Making a tree part of the deck is not as easy as it sounds. Remember, the tree will affect the layout of your deck. You’ll need to work with a professional deck builder to settle on a design that’s okay with your local’s permit office and ensure the other deck accessories harmoniously work with the tree. Your deck builder will also help you settle on a good and sturdy design to help you enjoy and take in the scenery around your home.

If you’re looking for a professional touch to your outdoor oasis, consider hiring a Minneapolis deck builder (or one in your local area). These professionals will also help you settle on a good and sturdy design to help you enjoy and take in the scenery around your home. They offer top-notch expertise in designing and building decks catering to your needs and local regulations. This is a great way to enhance your home value and appeal while keeping the surrounding trees for shade and habitats for woodland animals. 

Water is Relaxing

Did you know that listening to or looking at flowing water is a great way to destress? This explains why we feel at ease or relaxed when surrounded by a large water mass. The sound of flowing water induces a meditative state which enhances mental clarity. In addition to this, water has negative ions. These ions help our body and brain absorb more oxygen which triggers the release of serotonin. Flowing water also leaves us feeling rejuvenated. Therefore, adding a flowing water feature on the deck will make the deck the perfect tranquil escape for your and your family. You can use two or three planters to create a miniature tiered fountain. Give thought to getting a deck builder to help you set up the perfect water feature for your deck. 

Add Scented Plants to The Deck

Plants bring a calming effect to any space. However, scented plants such as lavender, peppermint, or jasmine make us feel more relaxed and calmer. The lavender plant will not only add a touch of lilac hue to your deck but also off of a very relaxing scent. The lavender scent is incredibly calming. It’s been used traditionally to soothe flustered babies. It’s also a good antidepressant and anti-anxiety treatment. The jasmine plant has beautiful flowers that off a scent that calms our nerves and puts us in a relaxed mood. The Peppermint plant will come in handy on stressful days.  

Make it Comfy and Homey 

Think of adding a few seats, throw pillars, and rugs to the deck will make the deck warm and inviting. Use warm colors and make the seats as comfortable as you can. Ensure you maintain color continuity by choosing colors that work harmoniously with other outdoor spaces. Use sectional furniture and area rugs to make it more appealing. Use lighting to bring everything together. Add lights on the stair, rail posts, and over the deck. Your deck builder will help you decide the best light fixture and color for your deck. Add a roof or shade to protect the deck from the elements. 

Warm It With a Fire Pit 

Sitting around a fire pit with your family is a great way to destress after a tough day. It’s challenging to build a fire pit on the deck. You may end up burning your deck. You will enjoy countless nights unwinding by the fire pit if you factor in safety measures. You need to be cautious about the placement, material, and protection against the spark. Think of adding additional layers on the bottom to keep your deck safe from burning. Better still, let your deck builder help you set up a safe fire pit for your deck. 


The deck does not have to be over-the-top to qualify as a good retreat spot. It can be as simple as adding plants or a miniature fountain or as complicated as floating the deck. Incorporate these ideas to bring an oasis of tranquility into your home. 

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