When hosting a large gathering, no matter the occasion, there should be a solid plan in place for how to control the crowds. If a plan has not been solidified and the right equipment is not put in place, there could be chaos.

It is especially important to have the right crowd control products installed and ready for use – especially in concerts and long queues where security plays a big role as they ensure that people are not pushed around which can cause frustration.

Keep reading to find out which crowd control products would best suit your workplace.

Why is crowd control important?

By implementing the correct measures in and around your workplace, you are ensuring everyone’s safety. Crowd control barriers ensure that people are not pushed or crushed, they can distribute crowds at strategic points and, when necessary, they allow people to quickly reach first aid posts in an emergency.

They also encourage people to form orderly queues, which reduces the chances of fights, arguments, and violence.

Simply put, the goal of crowd control products is to create the appropriate atmosphere. By creating a relaxed and well-planned event with the aid of barriers, you can keep people safe and leave them with a great impression of your venue.

Rope barriers

Rope barriers

Rope barriers provide a formal, smart way of organizing large crowds. As they have a more luxurious look than other crowd control products, you will most likely see rope and post barriers being used on red carpets and in museums and hotels.

Plus, there are always parts of an event that need to be closed off from the public. Whatever the reason for this, rope barriers can create a professional and elegant enclosure.

Belt barriers

Belt barriers

For a more rigorous and durable option that can be used in most public spaces, professional belt-barriers are very effective.

Belt barriers are flexible, allowing queues to be changed instantly as and when needed. Furthermore, once the event is over, they can be retracted and tidied away very quickly, as if they were never there in the first place.

There are two different types of belt barrier housing:

  • Wall-mounted: for fixed position barriers
  • Post-mounted: for fixed or portable belt barriers.

Whichever option you choose, the concept is the same –  a belt extends from one housing to the next to prevent people from crossing a space.

Panel barricades

Panel barricades

Panel barricades are sturdier and are viewed as more serious than other types of barriers. They convey a powerful signal and are very durable yet lightweight – so they are easily portable. This is great if you work in situations where you need to constantly change up the configuration of the area.

In addition to ensuring the safety and privacy of people, many companies use panel barricades as a promotional tool. By adding their logo to them, businesses can gain important exposure and increase their brand visibility in a simple yet effective way.

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