Many homes have a utility room included within their layout or at least an area in the bathroom where a washing machine can live and be used. However, creating your own purpose-built laundry room within your home can provide you with an enviable area to deal with all of your laundry needs, including washing, drying, ironing, and airing.

Of course, there are a few major points that you will have to consider when designing the room or area that you intend to utilize.

#1 It needn’t be large

The area you require needn’t be large if you are limited in space. Of course, if space is not an issue, then a large laundry room will no doubt have your friends wishing they had one too. However, if you have to think along the lines of a closet, then this is OK too.

For this, you will require stackable, front-loading machines to allow you to use them when they are installed, and you will need some form of ventilation so that it doesn’t cause dampness within your home. A handy purpose-built folding ironing board connected to the back of the closet door will mean that it is always to hand and yet can be stored quickly and easily when not in use.

You will also need an area, either shelving or in a cupboard, to house your laundry liquids and other necessities that you use when doing your laundry. This way, everything is together in the area where it will be used.

In addition, consider enlisting electrician services in Sacramento or others in your area to ensure the installation of proper power points with the correct amperage, providing convenience and safety in your laundry room setup.

#2 Access to the outside

If you are not keen on using a tumble dryer throughout the year, then the location of your laundry room will have to be close to or have access to the outside where, if you are allowed, you can hang your laundry out to dry. This will save you the unnecessary task of carrying it through your house when it is damp and then back again when it is dry. You should keep in mind that the whole purpose of this area is that of convenience and to keep everything you will need in one place.

#3 Electrical and plumbing facilities

When kitting out your chosen area, you will have to get the right professionals involved. For instance, the electrician will be able to install power points with the correct amperage. In comparison, plumbers will deal with getting the all-important water supply to the area as well as installing adequate drainage to deal with the water emitted from your washing machine and your tumble dryer. He will also be able to plumb in your appliances for you to ensure that they are safe and correctly installed, and ready for use.

Final thoughts

Setting some room aside in your home that can be transformed into a laundry room or space is certainly a good idea. It can mean that you can save time and effort carrying heavy, partly wet loads backward and forward through your home. It can also mean that you have everything, including adequate space to iron, hang and even air your clothes so that they are ready to either transport to your dressing room or wardrobe or put on for wear when you want them.

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