Selling your home can be a stressful experience. There are mountains of paperwork to wade through and many variables to consider — including the pressure of finding your next dream home — all while preparing your current residence for sale.

When you’re setting up your home for photos and viewings, it’s imperative that you get everything just right so that you entice as many potential buyers as possible and so that you can secure the highest sale amount.

There are a few design techniques that you can implement to do this. Here, we’re focusing on the dining area and the dining table specifically. To many, the dining table is the heart of the home. It’s where the family gathers for dinners; kids do their homework, and where celebrations happen — just a few of the reasons why you should make this space feel extra special when you’re staging your home for reselling.

Here are some ways you can capture this feeling.

Tablecloth vs Runner

First, depending on the type of table, consider a tablecloth to add a pop of color and flair. That said, if you own handcrafted wood furniture, don’t hide it completely. Quality furniture implies that the rest of the home has been invested in, too. If you do have a wooden dining table that’s in good shape, use a table runner instead of a tablecloth to draw the eye to the table without hiding the wood.

Set the Table for Four

In the U.S. 2021 Census, the average family consisted of 3.13 persons. Avoid too much clutter and busyness by setting out just four dining chairs. If there’s room to add more, that’s great. Potential buyers will be able to imagine additional settings by themselves. Keep the space as airy and light as possible by not filling the area with furniture just for the sake of it.

Lay Down a Rug

Place a rug underneath the table to ground the space. While a rug under a dining table isn’t the most practical — especially if you have young kids — it will soften and warm the space, giving it a comforting, luxurious feel.

Set the Table

This doesn’t need to be an elaborate dinner party-style setup; however, simply setting the table with matching plates, cutlery, glasses, and placemats — as if a family dinner is about to be served — allows potential buyers to picture themselves in the space. A set table creates a feeling of home.

Add Flowers or a Potted Plant

Add a pop of foliage to the center of the dining table. According to a study by Harvard faculty member Nancy L. Etcoff, “the presence of plants in the home leads to heightened relaxation and energy.” Flowers and plants often cheer up a space. Pick up a bouquet that has a similar color palette to your tablecloth or runner. Making sure the colors are complementary will minimize visual overload.

Think About Lighting

If you have a light above your table, ensure the bulb is warm-colored and not stark white. You could also purchase some battery-operated tealights and leave them aglow on the table — while real candles are superior, you don’t want to leave lit candles unattended.

Final Thoughts

Creating a space that feels welcoming and familiar is key for reselling. By implementing these tips, you’ll make buyers feel like they’re already home.

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