Country Chic Kitchen Design Ideas You Will Love

Even though we are surrounded by technology, many people are craving the tranquility of a country kitchen. Rustic elements can add a lot of warmth to the cooking space. Plus, with the right design choices, a country kitchen can have a modern, chic vibe. If you are interested in getting the look, here are a few ideas.

  • Antique Details

Country chic kitchens have that old vibe about them. They have a lived-in aspect that feels welcoming and timeless, enchanting you on the spot. These kitchens tell a story that no other kitchen does, and the only way to enhance this feeling is to add some antiques. Pre-loved items can go a long way when it comes to bringing out personality.

“One of the most effective ways to achieve country charm in a kitchen is to source something that has its own story. The marks of time, weathering, or patina on metals – these looks and feelings can’t be provoked from a mass-produced item bought in a shop,” Leisha Norman, Harvey Jones kitchen designer recommends.

  • Stone Surfaces

If you want to obtain that country kitchen look, then you can’t go wrong with stone materials. They deliver a sense of robustness that is very common within this style. Plus, it expresses longevity and craftsmanship, as long as it is installed correctly.

Go for natural stone that has a creamy base, perhaps with some marble-like veining. It will give your kitchen a country-like aspect while bordering the lines of contemporary design.

  • Copper Accents

Country chic kitchens often have an industrial vibe that borders on the edge of steampunk. If you have classic silver kitchen hardware such as light pendants or faucets, you may want to switch them to copper-colored items. This will provide a country feel while making the kitchen appear cozier and warmer.

You may also want to consider keeping your pots and pans out, especially if you own vintage copper items. You can install a pegboard, but depending on the items, exposed shelves can work just as well.

  • Tile Backsplash

Just like stone, tile is also a great option to obtain a country chic kitchen. You can get the tile in multiple forms, and you may efficiently match it to make a statement. The kitchen will be easier to clean, as tile backsplashes only need to be wiped when they get splashed.

“When it comes to tile design within the home, angular, symmetrical, and repetitive patterns seem to be having a moment again, specifically across country-style properties. They can be used in a number of fun ways to create a stylish home update with a modern twist,” says Amanda Telford from CTD Tiles.

  • Structural Materials

Country chic kitchens are all about bringing us back to the basics. This can be taken quite literally to the actual foundation of your home. If you have any structural materials that you can reveal in your kitchen, then you should jump on the opportunity.

This can be anything from brickwork to wooden beams and floor tiles. Red brick can be particularly helpful in creating a country chic kitchen, but other hidden works can add to the design as well. Think about the elements that your kitchen may have had that you can restore to their former glory.

  • Shaker Cabinets

As cabinets will drive most of the attention in your kitchen, you may want to consider the shaker style cabinets for storage. These cabinets have a traditional design with soft lines that can easily lend your kitchen a country look. Go for neutral colors, and make sure the door design is simple. With this, you may create a kitchen that seems like a country den, while feeling chic and contemporary.

  • Farmhouse Tables

Back in the day, country kitchens did not have the modern islands that we have now. Instead, they had tables where the family would gather for a nice meal and some chit-chat.

If you have the space, try incorporating a wooden farmhouse table into your kitchen. A few pull-out wooden chairs will complete the look, along with some flowers or greenery to decorate the table.

The Bottom Line

Country chic kitchens offer a special kind of warmth that modern kitchens cannot provide. Not only will you be able to relax in such a kitchen, but your guests will also feel welcome. Keep your focus on natural elements and history, and you should be able to create the perfect kitchen.

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