Have you been looking for the perfect interior style to incorporate into your home renovation project? Maybe you want to switch up your Scandinavian or industrial home for something a little different.

One aesthetic that seems to have taken the interior world by storm in the past few years has been the farmhouse aesthetic. With its timeless, rustic charm and elegance, this interior can be incorporated into a home no matter the location – you may have a dainty cottage in the midst of the countryside or a luxurious pad in a bustling city – the farmhouse look brings an element of warmth and coziness to any and every home. From neutral color palettes and canvas wall art to perfectly shaped sinks and distressed furniture, there are many ways in which you can incorporate modern decor into your home for a farmhouse look, so let’s explore them!

Neutral Color Palette

Crisp whites, warm creams, muted greys, and deep earthy tones will become the foundation on which you build your farmhouse home. This could be with a selection of decor pieces such as wall art prints, vases, dried flowers, or bigger pieces of furniture and textiles. Many farmhouse homes are painted in silk whites and muted neutrals, making for the perfect blank canvas to build up a welcoming, warming and visually pleasing space.

Barnwood Accents

The weathered textures and natural defects and flaws found in barnwood pieces are integral to creating and building a farmhouse aesthetic with character and richness. These barnwood accents could be in the form of a wooden coffee table, floating shelving or chests of draws. The barnwood look is a brilliant way to add touches of history and rustic charm to the home that last a lifetime.

Open Shelving & Brackets

A farmhouse classic that you will see in most houses that follow this aesthetic are open shelving pieces adorned with sturdy iron brackets. You could add these shelving units to the living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen to display decorative ornaments, kitchenware or books. It adds an open and airy storage solution in which you can display your most-loved pieces or aesthetically keep the necessary items that may be less easy on the eye.

Shiplap Walls

With what can only be called a simple yet impactful look, incorporating a shiplap wall into your home when trying to achieve a farmhouse feel is essential. Shiplap walls will create the perfect cozy, textured backdrop for any room while being fairly cost-effective. Your shiplap wall could be added to your bedroom as a unique headboard approach, in the living room around the fireplace for an accent wall or across the dining area as a backdrop to your rustic dining table and chairs. Everyone wanting the perfect finishing touch to their farmhouse home should consider a shiplap wall.

Sturdy Dining

The heart of every home, whether you are a frequent host or love a sit-down family dinner, is the dining room. Within the farmhouse aesthetic, many opt to place a grand dining table in the center of the room, surrounded by complementary yet mismatched chairs. Remember that the farmhouse look is rustic, so the more distressed your pieces of furniture are, the better. Mixing and matching the chairs around your dining table will add to this eclectic set-up while ensuring it remains inviting and pleasing to the eye.

Linen & Cottons

Natural, light and breathable fabrics are seen everywhere throughout farmhouse homes. From linen curtains and bedding to cotton upholstery. These materials are fantastic for adding to your comfortable and relaxed atmosphere while enhancing the farmhouse look. When choosing the fabrics to add to your home, remember to opt for soft, muted and neutral tones to maintain the timeless appeal.

Antique Accents

The final step you can take to elevate the overall farmhouse vibe is with antique decor accents. These will not only tell a story, making great conversation starters with your guests, but also authentically contribute to the aesthetics, giving a lived-in, inspiring vibe. Pop to your local antique store and browse the shelves for vintage signs, weathered wooden crates, and decorative ornaments to place around the home. Not only is this a fun activity, it allows you to do your part for a more sustainable future with pieces passed down through generations.

If you wish to transform your home from your current interior style to a farmhouse paradise, incorporating these classic decor ideas will help you create a space that transcends the trends and embodies the charm of rural living. Get ready to build a home with character, warmth and minimalism this season with the ever-so-popular farmhouse aesthetic.

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