If you’re feeling under the weather at the moment, you might think nothing of it, or you might believe that you’re simply a little bit run down. However, what if it’s your house that’s causing you to feel so sick? Here are some of the top challenges that your home can present to your health and what you might be able to do about them.

·      Drafty Windows

Drafty windows can leave you feeling the chill. You might find that you’re more prone to colds and nasal congestion, that your allergies trigger more often, and that you end up with headaches and aching muscles.

To stop drafts and to ensure that your home is kept warm and toasty even in winter, you should consider replacing your windows. If you believe that it’s time to consider window replacement, you should look around for triple-glazed PVC options that are fitted well by a professional and can trap heat in your home. This can prevent damp from creeping into your home and can even make your house more energy efficient.

·      Pests

However much you clean and look after your property, this doesn’t mean that pests can’t sometimes sneak into your home. This is especially the case if you have pets that you take on regular walks or who go outside. Pests such as fleas and bedbugs can damage your quality of life and can leave you with itchy bites, while rodents like rats can even spread diseases to you and cause electrical hazards.

Then, to eradicate pests from your home, you should consider looking for sprays and poisons, as well as humane options, such as cage traps. You should also make sure that your pets get regular flea treatments and that you check them for insects every time they re-enter your home. You might also have to call out a professional if the infestation has got out of hand.

·      Asbestos

Asbestos isn’t used as a building material for homes anymore. However, this substance used to be a popular insulation before it was discovered to cause asbestosis, a lung condition that can cause heart problems and even prove fatal.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen to your family, you should check your home for signs of asbestos, and get this removed by a professional if you find any, especially if you accidentally disturb this material. This can prevent it from having a lasting impact on you and your family.

·      Dim Lighting

Dim lighting can mean that you strain your eyes to perform activities like doing chores and using your computer. You might also find that dim lighting gives you headaches and leaves you with poor posture and back and neck pain.

To ensure that dim lighting doesn’t negatively affect you, you should install LED bulbs in your home and invest in lamps that you can use to bring more localized light into your property. This will mean that you can get the right amount of light you need.

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