Bathrooms can sometimes be forgotten about when it comes to remodeling your home, especially when they’re on the small side. It can seem impossible to try and make them feel larger than they really are, so you may just give up altogether. However, there are actually lots of ways you can improve your bathroom, and it doesn’t even have to be a complete overhaul either. Something as simple as changing the radiator can make the world of a difference. When a room is small, it’s more about the little things as these can make the biggest changes overall.

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So, if you want to remodel your small bathroom, keep reading and discover our top five tips.

1. Walk-In Shower

walk-in shower ideas

If your small bathroom is being taken over by the bathtub, then there’s no rule saying you have to keep it. Why not remove it and change it into a walk-in shower instead. These take up much less room and can help give you back a lot of floor space too. Although a bathtub can be great to relax in after a long day at the office, really, they have no other benefits than that. A shower will clean your body just as well but take up less of your small bathroom while doing so. You want to work with the space that you’ve got, not against it. And sometimes, a bathtub takes up way more room than is really necessary. A corner shower unit can be amazing for tiny rooms as it simply slots in. If you think about it, a bathtub takes up your horizontal body length, but a shower only does so vertically. This space-saving idea can really open up your bathroom and allow you to remodel it even further now that you’ve got all that extra room.

2. Innovative Storage

bathroom storage ideas

Storage in a small room is essential if you want to create more space. Something as simple as updating your sink to one that has storage cupboards underneath can really make a difference. In the bathroom, you tend to have lots of different items laying about, and it can be hard to try and fit them all onto the side of the sink or bath. Try going for vertical storage shelves as they can help add height to the room as well as a place to keep your things. Bathroom mirrors are extremely common, but you can get ones that have built-in cupboards, allowing you to have the best of both worlds. When you have a small bathroom, you want to utilize as much of the space as you can, so going for hidden storage like this can help improve the space immensely. Make sure that you incorporate storage into your remodeling design, and you’ll soon have the bathroom of your dreams.

3. Bring In The Light

bathroom ceiling lights

Lighting is crucial in smaller rooms, so just because it’s the bathroom doesn’t mean you should overlook it. Opening up a room isn’t just about removing unnecessary furniture. It’s also about bringing a sense of airiness and light to it, as this really opens up the room without many renovations. This can especially important when your bathroom doesn’t have any windows. If this is the case, then you should look at bringing in natural lighting overhead and even bathroom-safe wall lights. Not having enough light can actually make the room feel claustrophobic and it can appear dingy. Installing vanity lights by the mirrors is another easy way to bring more light into the room as well. Not only will they help you when getting ready, but they’ll be great mood lighting for when you’re in the bath or shower. So, if you’re wanting to remodel your small bathroom, don’t forget about the lights!

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

popular bathroom colors
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You might think that because you’ve got a small bathroom you need to stick to light colors only. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you love the look of a dark navy and gold bathroom, then go for it! Dark colors can work really well in small rooms, especially if they’re used all over, ceilings, walls, floor, you name it. Using bold colors can work really well in your favor as they can actually help bounce light off the walls, allowing the room to feel way more open. You can also go for light, but bright colors too. These can really create an airiness about the space and make it feel a little more luxurious. Whichever color palette you choose, try incorporating it into every aspect of the bathroom. For instance, if you’ve gone for a forest green, then don’t be scared to use it on the walls and bring it onto the floor or ceiling. And, if the green is pretty dark, then try and match your furniture to it as well. Go for dark, deep woods or a contrasting black. It’s amazing how much you can open up a room just with color, so be sure to include it in your remodeling design.

5. Add Mirrors…And Lots Of Them

small bathroom mirror ideas

When you have a small bathroom, it’s all about creating the illusion of a bigger room, and one of the best ways to do this is with reflective surfaces. Try turning one of your walls into a mirror wall or go for a large vanity with a smaller wall mirror opposite. If you aren’t able to have a full-on mirror wall, why not hang a collection of mirrors around to give the same effect instead. Having lots of reflective surfaces around will encourage the light to bounce around the room, helping to brighten it up. Mirrors are a great way to make a small bathroom feel enormous.

Smaller bathrooms can actually work extremely well and can sometimes be more functional than larger ones. This is because you’ve had to think about the placement of your utilities and the décor to really enhance it. So, if you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, why not incorporate some of these tips and see the difference they can make to your space.

However, if you feel you cannot do it alone, you can hire an interior designer online. It will help you make the best decisions, and in addition, you will get a 3D visualization of your new bathroom even before starting the renovation. Cool, isn’t it?!

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