Discovering your personal style can be a tough challenge, but once you’ve followed it down, you can play around with it. However, decorating a home shared with others can be a bit more daunting. Do we think those curtains really go with this rug? Can I mix prints on my chairs and my throw pillows? Are mixed metals doable?

There are just so many questions, and it will seem just about everyone has an opinion about how you should style your abode. Amidst the noise of high-end home decor websites and unique home decor websites, it can be hard to hear your own voice.

But with internet access and a plethora of home inspiration websites at our fingertips, it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out which way to turn for the best tips and ideas. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 home decor websites for all your home and design needs.

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Domaine Home

Best Online Resources for Home Decor
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Curious as to what your favorite celebs’ home looks like? Want to know where Nicole Richie got that amazing closet organization system? 

Domaine Home has it covered. They’re guaranteed to get the inside scoop on everything from what the landscape and layout look like to what kind of soap is in the guest bath.

Their site is full of lifestyle inspiration and How-To advice, making it a go-to for those seeking home inspiration.

Yet amazingly enough, they manage to present this in a non-elitist manner that allows the reader to truly visualize the same ideas and concepts in their own home on their own non-celebrity budget. It really is one-stop shopping for all things home-inspired.

This magazine isn’t just about showcasing stunning stylized homes; they also introduces up-and-coming designers and shares their aesthetics, providing a fresh perspective on home and design.

Domino Magazine

the Best Home Inspiration Websites
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Last year the beloved shelter mag made a resurgence on the publishing scene and has since been brought back quarterly, much to the delight of many a home décor junkie.

This magazine isn’t just about showcasing stunning stylized homes; they make it easy to purchase whatever you love directly from the magazine via their own web page.

They also showcase up-and-coming designers and share their aesthetics to pique your interest and expose the reader to styles they may not have otherwise considered.

And there are always indulgent recipes highlighting the finest flavors of the season for when you host your next event in your stylish home. (


The Top Websites for Unique and High-End Home Decor Ideas
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Known as one of the top online sources for home inspiration, Pinterest is a great source for creative ideas for delicious food, fabulously creative crafts, party planning, and home decor ideas. Still, it’s an even better source of inspiration for home décor ideas. It’s one of the top 2 online sources for home inspiration, according to numerous surveys.

It’s a great resource for not only visual inspiration but also links to DIY projects you can do to spruce up your home, no matter your budget. And, of course, it’s a great place to compile all those images into one hand-dandy “Home” board so when you hit the lotto, it will all be in one place. 

Even better, most of your favorite home brands have a Pinterest page you can follow to get even more inspiration.

Most of your favorite home brands also have a Pinterest page, amplifying where to find home decor inspiration.


Deep Dive into the Best Home Decor Websites
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Long known as the resource of choice for college students and post-graduates living on their own for their inexpensive furniture, the Swedish brand has had a sudden rebirth in branding and quality over the last few years.

What was once looked down upon as sub-par design and low-budget décor ideas has now turned into a major place of home-style shopping? 

Genius IKEA hacks can be found all over the internet to gain inspiration on how to transform a ‘standard’ piece like their VITTSJO shelving unit or EXPEDIT bookcase into something that is unique to your home.

With all these ideas floating around, there’s no longer the need to worry about going to someone’s home and seeing the same piece you have set up in the exact same manner. When the new IKEA catalog arrives each season, it is a good day indeed.

HGTV Magazine

Exploring the Premier Home Decor Platforms Online
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If you religiously watch HGTV, then you’re already aware of the many ways this channel can inspire one. They have a show for just about everyone from the first-time home buyer to the do-it-yourself guru, and the magazine is like a living, breathing version of all your favorite shows. 

Except in the magazine, they actually share where to buy those amazing lamps they styled home with.

The majority of the designers range in style and aesthetic, so there truly is something for every lifestyle and budget.

They also offer tips for projects and encourage their readers to write in and submit their own home photos to be featured in the magazine or on their website.

And as much as we’re all obsessed with our many devices, nothing beats a few precious hours perusing a magazine and gleaning all the ideas we can on how to spruce up our pads.

For those who love HGTV, the magazine is a tangible extension of the channel’s home inspiration. It offers a diverse range of styles, catering to various tastes and budgets.

Home Goods Blog

Where to Find the Best Design Inspiration Online
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The absolute one-stop shopping for the budget-minded decorator, going to HomeGoods is the equivalent of going on a treasure hunt. Around every corner is something new to behold and always at the most affordable price point.

Their website and blog are designed to be user-friendly and helpful tools for the novice home decorator.

They have a style scope quiz that helps you define your home style, and then they offer vignettes and tips that might be pleasing to you based on your personality.

They make it a point to highlight their customer’s awesome finds, and the staff is generally helpful in assisting you on your quest for just the right accent piece to add to your bookshelf.

Their blog is curated by both professional designers and bloggers that have been carefully selected based on their keen eye for detail and style hunting.

They offer up a wonderful cache of tips and tricks that are guaranteed to inspire.

World Market

The Ultimate Guide to Leading Home Decor Websites
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Inspired by the world around us, Cost Plus World Market is an excellent resource for home inspiration. There, you can find Moroccan-style rugs, Balinese baskets, pottery from Peru, and other handmade items from around the globe.

They specialize in discovering extraordinary finds from all over the world and making them accessible to all.

Their stores are a menagerie of eye-catching home accents and an impressive array of international food and wines. Offering low prices for high-quality products, each store is like being in a global bazaar for all the inspiring items one can find.

No matter your home style, you can guarantee a trip to World Market will inspire you to add some global influence to your home design in whatever way possible.

In conclusion, whether you’re browsing unique home decor websites or high-end home decor websites, there’s a wealth of resources available to help you find the perfect style for your space.

Which of these top home decor inspiration sites is your favorite? Share your pick in the comments!

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