The hub of most properties for most families, the living room is one of the most important rooms where many spend most of their time. And, where many memories are made. Whatever style you prefer, whether a more traditional, or perhaps a modern minimalist style, creating a place where guests can spend time and relax comfortably is very important in any family home.

Interior Design for the Living Room

Here we look to offer some simple tips and advice for Living room interior design:

A Focal Point

Creating an anchor or focal point when people enter the room is important. Whether this is large windows which let lots of light in or a huge fireplace, it can make a big statement. You can even have multiple focal points in the room if they complement one another.

Arranging of Furniture

Although this point sounds very basic and obvious, it is an integral part of the functioning of the room, and so getting it right is crucial. Promoting warmth and interaction is key, and this can be achieved very well through the way furniture is positioned.

Adding Wall Art

Wall art is an important detail in the home. It is one of the ways in which you can customize your space, and what makes you feel more comfortable. A personal touch can make a big difference. Abstract wall art is the perfect addition to your living room because it will be able to transform with your decor and never get old.

Choosing Your Fabrics

Being in the busiest rooms in any property, it’s important to use fabrics that set the room well but are also very durable at the same time. Some like to go for leather sofas for example as they are easy to clean, whereas others find this fabric quite cold and unhomely.  It’s also a good idea to give the walls a bit of attention and to make sure they don’t look completely bare, as this can also give quite a cold feeling. However, it should be noted here that it’s really about striking a balance between being cluttered and too minimalistic.

Your Colour Scheme

Getting colors right can really make or break your interior design project. It’s a good idea not only to choose warm and welcoming colours but also those that work well together. Remember this isn’t just about the colors of the walls, but also the furniture too.

Natural Light

As we discussed earlier, getting good natural light into your room can really be a game-changer as it can really grab someone’s attention. There’s nothing worse than a very dark and dingy room, and so where you can look for ways to creatively bring light into your living room.

Durable Flooring

In a similar way to choosing the right furniture, one really does need to ensure that the flooring is both comfortable and hard-wearing at the same time. Wooden flooring is very popular these days, but many say that this also gives quite a cold feeling to the room. This is where one might use some well-positioned rugs, and/or maybe an open fire to counter this aspect, and to achieve balance.

This is just part one of our decorating a living room. Please check back soon for part two where we go into much more detail on some creative ways to design your new living room in 2021.

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