Attractive investments in real estate in Dubai or how the sightseeing influence business

In the period of development of Dubai as a metropolis, there are two vivid branches. Of course, the discovery of oil in the UAE has changed the peace of life in every city dramatically. Dubai has transformed from a poor town of pearl fishermen to the heart of world tourism and a leader on the international real estate market. The transactions of luxury apartments and villas happen every day, bringing more richness to the economy and popularity to the neighborhoods of Dubai. Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Hills are among the most demanded districts for foreign investments. In this article we will find out how the number of popular sightseeing influences the desire to purchase villas in Dubai Hills in 2022.   

Reasons why people are attracted to the district 

Beach holidays on clean sparkling beaches and cobalt-blue waters are not the only things that attract millions of tourists to Dubai Hills. Warm waters of the Persian Gulf may serve as an additional benefit to entertaining traveling across the neighborhood. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by the possibility to touch the amazing sights: historical (the government provides actions to save the remains of the old emirate), natural (all the developers are designed according to the ecological standards), modern (fountains, skyscrapers, shopping and entertainment centers and other unique buildings of Dubai are the stuff of legends).

Main attractions of Dubai Hills

Main attractions of Dubai Hills

The flow of tourists is easily explained by the number of incredible and unique developments in the area. The analogues of them cannot be found as they do not exist. Such impressive objects of sightseeing are the results of the creativity and talent of dedicated developers. So, what can we visit when coming to Dubai Hills? 

  • The pride of the project is its own 18-hole golf course, which in 2019 was voted the best new golf course in the world. One of its main advantages is the magnificent view of the Burj Khalifa.
  • In June 2020, the Reel Cinemas car theater opened in Dubai Hills. In an uneasy time of social distancing, it helped people have entertainment and take care of safety. You can enjoy watching favourite movies sitting in your car and making use of additional facilities the service offers. 
  • Dubai Hills Park. It is the largest park in existence in any community. Little residents can play all day while their parents relax and enjoy nature. The park is famous for its lavish greenery and an abundance of recreational places. 

The influence of attractions on the level of investment returns

The government of Dubai plans to attract even more visitors to Dubai Hills. Due to some ambitious actions the population of the area will double and the footage of land for the tourism sector will increase by more than 100%. New developments for entertainment and recreational industry make the district a desired destination for tourists from all over the world. It provokes a high demand and great number of potential tenants. 

Being an owner of any property in Dubai Hills, you will get an opportunity to find trustworthy tenants and get a good investment return. Besides, there are lots of chances to start your own business and develop it to enormous sizes. This makes investing in real estate in the emirate profitable, and its territory – a comfortable place to live.

Real estate agency and its professional help 

Having an interest in becoming a successful house owner in one of the most popular districts in Dubai, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Real estate agency Ax Capital will follow a property buyer on each stage of the deal. Start with visiting the website, adjust the settings, and explore the possible housing options. A wide selection of luxury apartments and villas are available for any future resident. 

The real estate market in Dubai Hills provides beneficial variants and affordable payment plans for those who are ready to take responsibility for their future. Contact the specialists from Ax Capital. They will give in-depth information about every object and will help to select a property of your dream.

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