Are Plug-N-Play Spas Good for You

Hot tubs are great additions to backyard retreats. But some people regard the upfront costs as a barrier. However, when plug n play spas came into the picture, everything changed.

These tubs are quite affordable, but they are different from the standard hot tub. Are you wondering whether they are good for you? Keep reading to see the advantages and drawbacks of this amazing alternative.

What is a Plug N Play Spa?

It’s a type of hot tub that operates at 110v. You can connect it to your household socket or any place that has an outlet. You do not have to pay any wiring or installation fees.

This technology is good for people who want a hot tub but live in a rented home or plan to relocate soon. The tub can actually relocate with your family.

What Are the Types of Plug N Play Spas?

Pros of Plug N Play Spas

There are different models in the market; they are basically soft and portable, like a little inflatable outdoor pool. This is fantastic for ease of movement. But if you just want a model that you can pack for a weekend at the cottage, the features and lifespan are limited.

However, you can still get a superior quality model. You can check out Scioto Valley plug-n-play spas to find a model that has various features. There are models that include cabinet customization, LED lighting, safety handles, and an insulation system. There are also those that can accommodate up to 5 bathers.

Pros of Plug N Play Spas

The advantages of these spas are:

1. Low Upfront Cost

Unlike the standard 220v hot tub, a plug n play spa plugs directly into the standard outlet. This implies that you won’t worry about wiring the tub. So, you can save up to a thousand dollars since you won’t need an electrician.

In addition to that, most models are cheaper than the standard tubs. This is because they do not consume much energy, as they do not have a lot of in-built features.

2. Easy to Set Up

We already mentioned that you do not need an electrician to wire the spa. You can set it up all by yourself within a few minutes. All you need to do is place the tub in your desired space, connect it directly to the wall socket, and fill it with water.

3. Portability

This is a big advantage of a plug n play spa; you can take it along with you. Since you do not need to hardwire it, you can move it to a new location, connect it again, and fill it up. You may want to watch this video to see how to use a plug n play spa.

Cons of Plug N Play Spas

Here are some drawbacks of these spas:

1. Limited Power Supply

Another disadvantage of this tub is that it has a limited power supply. A standard tub uses 220v, but this tub consumes about half of that amount, 110v. As a result, you should not expect both types to operate at the same level.

Plug n play spas lack the kind of powerful jet that you can find in a standard tub. This is because they have smaller pumps that do not support such jets. Also, the heater in the plug n play spa is small. It takes a longer time to run and sustain the heat in the water compared to full pump size.

2. Limited Features

These spas are affordable because they do not offer many features that standard tubs do. You will probably not find models with molded seats, headrest pillows, or a programmed filtration cycle. This is a trade-off for some people.

But if you just want a basic tub that is affordable, you can consider this drawback as an advantage. You may want to visit to see what people are saying about plug n play tubs.

Should You Get a Plug N Play Spa?

As discussed in the article, there are different advantages and drawbacks of the plug n play spa. Therefore, the decision to buy depends on what you want. The spa offers the affordability and convenience that most homeowners desire.

When you add it to your backyard, it creates a new magical spot. So, ensure you choose a model that offers the features you want.

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