The main purpose of using a flow control valve in a fluid system is to move the fluid at the desired flow rate to achieve optimal performance. In most systems and applications accuracy and precision are the two most important factors. Similarly, in irrigation systems, it’s crucial to maintain the required flow and pressure for achieving efficient performance and to save clean water. As we know that it’s the most important natural resource and is available in a small amount. This need is fulfilled with the help of an electronic water flow control valve.

The advancement of technology has also brought new changes in irrigation systems. They are designed to save water and energy. The addition of a control valve has made them more efficient than ever. Flow rate controller helps them to use the water at a precise flow rate while keeping the pressure low so that an adequate amount of water is used for watering the whole area of the lawn.

Take a look at the following applications of water flow controller valves in irrigation systems:

Maintains a Steady Flow of Water:

Water flowing at a specific flow rate and pressure allows the system to provide water in all the areas of the lawn. This way, the electronic water flow control valve eliminates the need to leave the system running for long intervals. It often happens when there is no flow control installed within the irrigation system. 

High flow rate and pressure disturb the working of the irrigation system and force it to malfunction. This malfunction results in uneven distribution of water and because of this you often have to see brown areas in the lawn. These are the areas where water is not reaching properly and the user is running the system for a long time so that it can water the whole area. This practice just results in the waste of water and costs extra electricity bills. That’s why it’s good to use an electronic flow control valve in irrigation systems. 

Pump & System Protection:

By lowering the flow rate and maintaining a steady flow of the water at the outlet they keep the pump safe. Controlling the flow rate also keeps the other process parameters under control. An electronic water flow control valve protects the pump from being overloaded or breaking down. This way, it saves the system and the user from paying high repair costs. 

Reservoir fill up & level control:

When the irrigation system is operating, the water level in the reservoir drops which can cause a pressure drop. This drop can affect the performance of the irrigation system. But a low flow control valve limits the filling of the reservoir and by doing so it helps to prevent the pressure drop. In this way, a flow control valve saves the reservoir from high filling and cavitation. 

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Final Words:

There are several parts in an irrigations systems that contribute to its performance. But an electronic water flow control valve is one of the most essential parts that maintain an accurate flow rate of the water as per the need and to achieve the expected performance.

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