A Simple Guide to Styling Your Bedroom

The bedroom is arguably the single most important room in our lives. It is our sanctuary for rest and recuperation, a place we spend nearly a third of our time, and a vital room for self-expression in the process.

However, despite the totemic importance of our sleeping spaces, many of us do not give them much thought at all – at the expense of our rest and comfort. Your bedroom should reflect you at your stylish, trendy, glowing best, and could do with a little bit of effort. Here are some simple approaches you can take to bringing your bedroom back from the brink, and towards a new, fashionable you.

Fashionable Décor

There are many ways in which to save your bedroom from a lackluster style, consider having teak bedside tables and one winning approach could well be to think of your room in terms of fashion. Interior design is its own field, but for the uninitiated, applying your taste in dress to your most-used room could make it a much more comfortable place to be.

To this end, treat furniture as you would new items of clothing. Do they play well with one another, and do they make the statement you want to make with them? Start with the biggest items – the wardrobes, and the chests of drawers. You could free up some serious space and add the glam with a stylish set of fitted wardrobes, or you could lean into the opulence of free-standing items with a Victorian flair; which one speaks to you the most?

Next, onto the smaller items and wall fixtures, such as mirrors, bedside tables, and shelves. Every item of furniture has a textural impact just as it does in terms of form and color. What textures do you want to add to your wall? You could look for textile-wrapped mirror frames for a rustic feel, or opt for sleek, contemporary lines.

Styling Your Bed

While you’ll be spending a lot of your downtime enjoying the room itself, you’ll be using your bed most of all. So, let’s style it for fashion and comfort, so you can feel the benefit wherever you are in the room!

The texture is once again everything here, both in terms of bedding materials and the interplay between them. For example, soft cotton can be offset by rougher hessian throws to create a supremely cozy cottage-core feel.

Layers of materials and cushions can make for an incredibly stylish and inviting bed, that reflects your character – but make sure not to go too crazy with the ornamental cushions, or you’ll run the risk of clashing and clutter.

A Signature Scent

Lastly, here is something that doesn’t occur to all that many DIY bedroom designers: the smell. We often subconsciously rely on washed clothes and fresh bedding for the scent profile of our rooms, but a more dedicated approach can ensure your room reflects you truly. Cologne or perfume can be used to great effect to give your room a signature scent – and all the better if it is a stylish scent from the likes of Billie Eilish or Rihanna!

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