Everything you need to know about deciding how to move, budgeting your move, and packing guides. In addition, this guide provides detailed information on how to help your family move, from small children to pets and seniors.

Hire a Moving Company

Need to hire a trusted moving company? Find out everything you need to know, including costs, interview questions, setting up appointments, and insurance facts. Also discover contracts, and what you should ask before signing.

Hiring movers can feel a little overwhelming. With so many moving companies to choose from, where do you even start to hire movers? Over our many moves, and with some really bad experiences combined with mostly good ones, we’ve made the task of hiring movers a little less complicated, simply from learning what we need to know before we sign on the dotted line.

Hiring good movers can be difficult. There are so many to choose from with many offering incentives and discounts. So, how do you know which company to hire? Find out with these tips and suggestions.

Research Movers Before You Hire

This is really the first place to start. The research will help you narrow down your choices and enable you to have a firm list from which to choose. And now, a lot of your research can happen online. Professional moving company Oslo will help you with relocation and transportation services.

  • Before You Hire a Moving Company
  • Should I Hire Movers or Move Myself?
  • Questions to Ask the Movers Before You Hire
  • Moving Within a State: Hiring Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Moving State to State: Hiring Do’s and Don’t’s
  • How to Research Movers
  • Is Your Moving Company Reputable?
  • All About Estimates
  • What Are Non-binding Estimates?
  • What Are Binding Estimates?
  • Should You Purchase Moving Insurance?
  • Ways to Save on Moving Company Fees
  • Extra Moving Company Charges – What Do They Mean?
  • How to Prevent Extra Moving Company Costs

Move It Yourself

If you need to know whether you should move yourself or hire movers, check out this guide, which includes a cost analysis, tips on renting a truck or moving van, how to get free labor, and calculating distances. It also includes details on moving awkwardly and how to load the truck.

Move It Yourself: How to Decide if You Should Move Yourself
  • How to Decide if You Should Move Yourself
  • Before You Rent a Moving Truck
  • How to Rent a Moving Truck or Van
  • How to Load the Truck
  • Alternate Ways to Move Your Stuff: Air Cargo
  • Container Packing and Moving: U-Pack

Packing Guides and Tips

Find out how to organize your move, delegate tasks, and decide what to take and what to leave. Also included are how-to pack guides, information on preparing your home, and ideas on how to pack for your last and first night and what you’ll need on the road.

A Guide to Packing and Moving Out: Packing Guides and Tips
  • Step by Step Packing Guides
  • Packing Quick Tips
  • Pack Oversize and Unusual Items
  • Renting Storage
  • Packing Room by Room

Moving Your Family

Find out how to help your family move, from breaking the news to assisting family members to resources and tips to assist everyone in your household adjust to this change.

A Guide to Packing and Moving Out: Moving Your Family
  • How to Prepare Your Family
  • Help Your Children Move
  • Tips for Moving Teens
  • Finding a New School
  • Moving College Students
  • Helping a Spouse Move

Moving and Seniors

Find out how to help a senior family member or friend move with tips, suggestions, and resources for coping with this change, planning and preparing, and where to move to.

A Guide to Packing and Moving Out: Moving and Seniors
  • Is it Time for Older Adults to Move?
  • How to Talk to Seniors About Moving
  • 10 Tips to Help Seniors Move
  • Book Review: Moving in the Right Direction

Moving With Pets

Find useful information on how to move pets both locally and internationally. Includes details on what you need to do to ensure they arrive safely and how to help them settle into their new home.

Moving With Pets: A Guide to Packing and Moving Out
  • Moving Pets Tips and Tricks
  • Moving Pets to a New State
  • Moving Your Pet to Another Country
  • Flying Pets to Their New Home
  • Driving with Your Pet
  • Moving Your Dog
  • Moving Your Cat
  • How to Find a Good Vet
  • Help Your Pets Settle In

The Top 12 Questions & Answers to Hiring Movers

The Top 12 Questions & Answers to Hiring Movers

The Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Over the years, I’ve had people ask me about moving companies and just what it means to hire reputable movers who can be trusted with your stuff. To make it easier for you to uncover what you need to know when hiring a moving company, I’ve compiled the top 12 questions and answers to what you need to know before you sign-off on a mover.

1. Are moving companies registered with the government?

It’s important to know what the regulations are when it comes to movers and what they should be able to show you as proof of their legitimacy as a moving business.

2. Once I’ve hired a moving company, what am I responsible for?

Once you’ve agreed to hire the mover, you need to know what your rights are and what’s expected of you as a client. Knowing what you are responsible for will ensure that you’re not paying extra fees or end up with a much higher estimate than was first quoted.

3.Do I really need an estimate?

I get asked this a lot. Yes, you need an estimate. But not just any estimate. You need to know what type the mover offers and whether that will work for your particular move.

4. What can I expect when the mover comes to my home to do an estimate?

Having the mover visit your home to assess what you’ll be moving and to provide an estimate on the cost of your move is a key step in the hiring process. Find out more.

5. What information must the moving company provide?

The mover has responsibilities to you as a customer. Knowing what they must provide for, you will ensure all the paperwork is in order and that your move is properly covered.

6. How soon before I move should I call the movers?

Timing is everything. It determines how much you pay, whether you can hire a good mover and just how long your move will take. Find out when to schedule the mover with this FAQ.

7. How much do I tip the movers?

This is another really common question and one that depends on the quality of service. Knowing what the standard is and what you should expect will help ensure the movers provide you with the best service possible.

8. How do I find a moving company I can trust?

Trust is a big word and one that’s always a question when hiring a mover to move your household stuff. With so many stories recently of household items being held hostage by movers, it’s essential that you do your homework and take the steps necessary to hire the very best.

9. How do I know that the estimate is reasonable?

Good question! Reasonable is subjective for sure, but knowing what an estimate should look like will help you decide if the quote you just received is a fair offer.

10. What kind of estimate should I ask for?

Different estimates for different moves. Find out which one is best for you.

11. How do I lodge a complaint?

If you’ve received poor service, you need to take action, both to ensure you receive fair treatment and to make sure others don’t make the same mistake in hiring the same mover. Find out how to register a complaint and how complaints get solved.

12. Should I move it myself or hire a moving company?

This probably should’ve been the first question on the list. I put it last because if you’ve landed on this page, you’ve likely already decided that hiring a mover is best for you. But this last question placed here at the end will get you to ask yourself one more time if hiring a mover is best for you.

Check out these top questions about hiring movers asked by people who’ve visited our site. The answers will help you choose the best moving company.

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