5 Tips To Make a Guest Bathroom More Welcoming

Hearing the good news that a close friend or family member is visiting soon can feel exciting. You can take them out on the town to your favorite restaurants or bars or stay in and watch movies together.

You’ve taken the time to prepare your home by cleaning and organizing your living space to make your guests feel relaxed while in town. However, one room that needs dire attention is the guest bathroom. Luckily, there are a few ways to make the guest bathroom feel more welcoming to your visitor. Let’s dive in and see where to improve.

Increase Roominess and Comfort

Perhaps your guest bathroom needs TLC before your guest comes to town. Luckily, you can improve your guest bathroom by making it feel larger and more comfortable. You can have subtle reflective surfaces, such as ceramic tiles, mirrors, and eye-catching backsplashes, that make the space larger.

Additionally, you want the bathroom space to be easy to navigate and use. Organization and storage play considerable roles in making towels, toiletries, and grooming supplies intuitive to find. Lastly, providing a plush bathmat and toilet mat will keep their feet warm and comfortable.

Change Your Bathroom Décor

There’s a chance your guest bathroom might look bare due to a lack of décor or increased clutter. You can easily change the mood of your guest bathroom by including beautiful décor, amenity kits, and mood-influencing scents.

You can quickly change the appearance of your guest bathroom vanity by adding ceramic jars, candles, and decorative plants to give it a luxurious, lived-in feel. Additionally, play around with wall art and décor, filling up bare space and improving the overall feel.

Play With Lighting and Color

Having an all-white bathroom can look pleasant in some homes, but maybe it feels too sterile for your liking. You can quickly adjust your guest bathroom’s appearance by playing with color and lighting for a natural, calming space.

A fun way to make your guest bathroom more inviting is to update the walls’ color. You can use a solid paint color or wallpaper for a personalized look. Lastly, try incorporating as much natural lighting as possible for a soothing environment. Alternatively, you can find natural lightbulbs to install that mimic sunlight.

Improve Your Storage Organization

Creating a warm and inviting guest bathroom is key to making your guests feel welcome. To improve your storage organization and make the space more inviting, consider adding modern shaving cabinets. Not only do they add a stylish touch, but they also provide additional space to store items such as toiletries, towels, and any other products you may want to provide for your guests. Additionally, you can also choose to include a basket for guests to store their personal items. With a few simple upgrades, you can make an ordinary guest bathroom look and feel like a luxurious retreat.

You can provide bins and containers to keep everything in designated places for easy storage. Make your organization look appealing to the eye by color coordinating, dedicating spaces to different categories, and labeling.

Provide the Necessary Toiletries

Keeping a guest bathroom fully stocked and prepared for visitors can make guests feel considered. Besides toilet paper and towels, you should also keep a stock of toiletries they’ll need during their visit. Some toiletries include feminine products, razors, skincare products, and more.

Having a clean, personalized guest bathroom will wow your visitors during the duration of their stay. It will make them feel welcome and allow them to enjoy themselves while they come to see you.

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