You may need to undergo a home renovation to transform your house from merely a living space into a sanctuary full of rich, meaningful interior design elements. However, you should know the lingo associated with home renovations before you get started. The following home renovation glossary, with five common terms you should know, will give you the vocabulary you need to begin your home improvement project confidently.


A blueprint is a technical document illustrating the intended layout of your home. You should begin the renovation process by creating a design blueprint whether you complete the renovation yourself or hire a professional contractor.

Building Inspector

A building inspector is a government official who reviews and approves your property’s renovation or construction work. They will attempt to ensure building code compliance by reviewing your blueprint, job site, and permits, among other considerations. You should review the local regulations for your area to determine whether your project requires building inspector approval.

Building Permit

A building permit is an official approval from a government agency indicating your proposed construction blueprint passes inspection. You may hear the phrase “pull a permit” used when working with a contractor—they’re seeking approval for additional home upgrades. You should review the local regulations for your area to determine whether you need a building permit for your proposed design changes.


A fixture is a loose term used to describe any object permanently attached to the property. Chandeliers, ceiling fans, and lighting are all examples of popular home fixtures. You should familiarize yourself with the most common types of home fixtures. You may discover something new that could enhance your home’s aesthetic.

You can also prevent yourself from making costly design errors. For example, knowing the difference between cabinet knobs and pulls can prevent you from making a design choice that negatively impacts your kitchen renovation.


The last word in our home renovation glossary: five common terms you should know is remodel. A remodel is a building process where you change the function of a room. For example, adding an island to the middle of your kitchen will change the entire layout of the room, qualifying as a remodel.

It is important to remember that remodeling and renovating mean two different things. A renovation is a building process where a room undergoes improvements without changing its function. For example, swapping the paint colors in a room does not change the function of that room and, therefore, qualifies as a renovation and not a remodel.

You may undertake a home renovation if you dream of upgrading your home life and living in a cozy yet stylish environment. The abovementioned terms will help you feel comfortable executing your design plans and communicating with the appropriate parties.


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