You are what you eat, you might have heard it or read it somewhere and that is true. The food that we eat has a huge impact on our lifestyle and our body. Even our bodies react to everything we eat. Our food section doesn’t just impact our energy level, it also affects our thinking, behavior, and overall body functions. When it comes to digestion, almost everyone thinks about diet as the only source of improving the digestive system. However, there is so much more that you need to consider. There is no doubt that the food you eat is very important but how you manage the energy that you have consumed via food is also very important. This is the reason people talk about the importance of exercise and physical activity.

Feeling bloated doesn’t mean that you have had a lot to eat. In fact, sometimes it has nothing to do with eating at all. It is usually linked with no physical activity, living a passive lifestyle, disease, and some kind of digestive issues that is still undiagnosed. Sometimes the food allergies that have not been diagnosed also cause bloating. Sometimes bloating can go away with detox, other times it takes a lifestyle change to get rid of bloating. Similar is the case with digestion. You need to stay careful about the food you eat and your physical activity ratio to ensure that you can digest food easily.

Best Yoga Poses

With the help of this article, we will mainly explore some of the important reasons behind bloating and indigestion. We will also talk about the simple remedies that are recommended and the myths related to bloating and digestion. To help you find a good balance of lifestyle and food, we will also mention some simple yoga poses that can help you get rid of bloated and indigestion.

Common Causes of Bloating and Indigestion

Bloating can be directly linked with your body function as well as the food that you have consumed. In most cases, it comes back to more eating and less workout. Some of the most common reasons you will feel bloated include:

  • Stomach inflammation that can be caused due to gastritis
  • Ulcer or stomach wounds
  • Consuming dairy if you are lactose intolerance
  • Intestine blockage caused by a wound or other disorders
  • Inflammation in pancreases
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Gallstone
  • Acidity
Yoga Poses to Help You with Bloating and Indigestion

Top 4 Yoga Poses to Help You with Bloating and Indigestion

Since physical activity is really helpful, you need to know about some of the best exercises that can help you ease the bloating and digestion process. There are so many yoga postures that can help you work on a certain group of muscles and then sync your body function with breathing for better and easier digestion. Some of the best yoga poses for bloating and digestion include:

Supta Badhakonasana

Supta Badhakonasana is a perfect way to relax your body. It is commonly known as the Reclining butterfly pose. You just need to lie down straight and then bend your knee and touch your heels together. This is an easy pose that will help you to improve your digestion but it is also perfect for women facing PCOS. With the help of this pose, you will increase the surface area of your body, helping it to cool down and your digestion will become better as well. Your main focus needs to be on breathing properly according to the technique.

Supta Badhakonasana


Marjaryasana is commonly known as cow pose because of the posture similarities. You need to get your weight on all fours but your main focus will be on holding this pose while your back makes an arch. This posture is very good for blood flow toward the stomach and it also helps you massage your stomach so that it can improve digestion. Overall, an incredible way to help you digest everything and feel less bloated.

Top Yoga Poses to Help You with Bloating: Marjaryasana


Vajrasana is also known as the thunderbolt pose. People who need some enzyme-based oral aid to help with digestion can take full benefit from this pose. This posture is especially recommended by doctors right after a good hearty meal. You just need to sit down with your feet tucked under your buttock. This poseur is really helpful for people who face acidity-related issues and it improves blood circulation toward the stomach and intestine.

Health Benefits of Vajrasana Pose


Paschimottanasana is also known as the Forward bend pose and it is an excellent pose for your digestive system. Most people think that it might make them gag but it is more about flexibility. You need to just lay down straight and then sit up and stretch all the way forward and touch your feet. This is a simple workout that can take around 1 minute but you need to hold this pose for at least 10 minutes. This will help you increase the blood flow to your stomach which will eventually help

How to Practice Paschimottanasana

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, digestion is a very important body function that helps you supply enough energy that you can function properly. If you eat too much your body will get obese but if you do not eat enough your body will starve and your blood sugar level will drop.

With constantly low blood sugar levels the body might eventually shut down. However, most people complain that even if they eat according to their BMI they still face bloating issues. There is no doubt that this can be a little consuming but it is predictable as well.

The food we eat sometimes contains things that we cannot digest. This can be due to some enzyme or hormonal imbalance. There are people who cannot digest dairy properly whereas others have gluten allergies. Overall, this can be due to food intolerance.

People switch to detox but doctors say that our body is powerful enough that it doesn’t require detox. Instead, if you want to stay healthy, try to eat clean without thinking about the detox diets that will only help you reduce the calorie and buy expensive products. However, simple lifestyle changes like, daily workouts can really help with digestion.

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