Why Work With A Certified Trichologist?

Your hair represents your personality. Nothing is more appealing than a big head of naturally shiny hair. However a person with hair loss often takes years to find a solution. They end up going to several hair salons, trying various temporary solutions, taking steroids prescribed by a dermatologist, only to find that their mane deteriorated over time.

Unfortunately, regardless of age, many individuals experience hair and scalp issues brought on by medications, elevated stress levels, the use of chemicals on hair, etc. Trichologists’ careers have grown as a result of this. Hair and scalp maladies are the subject of trichology, a branch of science. One does not have to be a licensed medical professional to practice trichology.

Here is where a skilled Trichologist can close the gap and turn this process around.

They treat more than just hair loss. They offer expert advice on all things related to hair and scalp health, from hair thinning to flaky scalps by following the whole body approach rather than just treating the symptoms.

Other hair care providers like hairstylists focus on making the hairs look their best; Dermatologists only deal with medical issues affecting skin and hair whereas Trichologists are the ones who look at the bigger picture. They take a holistic approach to supporting their clients. They investigate the root cause of the problem, create recovery strategies, suggest at-home care products and appropriate analysis to probe further (which may include consulting a dermatologist).

To become a trichologist, one must take a certified trichology program from a reputable academy such as The American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases.

The difference between a trichologist and a dermatologist

Both trichologists and dermatologists can help determine the cause of and treat hair and scalp diseases.

Seeing a dermatologist for baldness or thinning of the hair may result in a quick scalp exam and a prescription medication, like an antifungal or cortisone cream. These treatments usually don’t address the root cause of the problem, so they’re not that effective in treating the client long-term.

A trichologist on the other hand would thoroughly examine your scalp and hair and other physiologies to find the root cause of hair loss, check for sores, acne, inflammation, and damaged hair follicles. Using their expertise, they can analyze the client’s current condition and create a plan to help them recover.

With Trichologists being para-medical professionals that specialize in the hair and scalp they are often more insightful than a dermatologist when seeking to get to the core of what is going on.

In a perfect world, trichologists and dermatologists would collaborate. Although many believe that dermatologists are among the best in their industry, their areas of expertise typically do not include the holistic view of the body to treat hair and scalp problems.

How will you choose a certified trichology academy in your area?

There are several things to consider when choosing the best hair and scalp academy in America.

  1. Is it possible to take the course at any time? Taking online classes allows you to fit them into your schedule without missing important events.
  2. Does the curriculum cover real-world situations? Is it predominantly theoretical or do you receive practical experience implementing it on real clients?
  3. Who is teaching the course? How convincing are the educators’ credentials, and are they backed up by real-world experience?
  4. Does the school have an online connection option for students?
  5. How will the training program affect your business?

You’ll learn everything from basic tricho­logy to advanced treatments for scalp conditions in the Certified Trichologist program by the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases. As soon as you begin the course, you’ll be able to use the knowledge gained from the lessons to improve your current practices and uplevel your career.

You’ll see results on your client’s scalps and in your bank account. Our research has shown that certified trichologists can earn an additional $118,368 annually from just booking three hair consultation sessions per month.

For more information about becoming a certified trichologist, schedule a call with an advisor.

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