Going to rehab is not particularly exciting for many let alone the packing process.

Most patients are clueless about what they should pack during their stay at rehab, and there isn’t much information about the informal rules as such. Even when a family member volunteers to help in packing, they may have reservations about what you should wear and carry for rehab. —That is why the best rehab centers always provide handy guidelines so people know what works best for them.

Whether you’re the one checking in at a rehab center or it’s a family member who will be attending the detox program, a thorough list of packing do’s and don’ts can prove to be very helpful.

Given below are a few essential packing tips for rehab.


Clothing is one of the major things you will be packing for rehab.

Depending upon the rehab facility, there will be some kind of dress code which you have to follow.

Some centers follow a lenient dress code while some will require you to stay away from clothes like crop tops, short skirts, shorts or anything which is too tight or revealing. If you’re unsure whether your regular clothes will be acceptable or not, it is better to run it by the rehab facility to make sure it is approved.

Generally, pack comfortable clothes which are easy to maintain and take care of.

Both men and women should make sure they pack comfortable and clean undergarments along with daily wear.

Leisure Items

Going through rehab can get boring and frustrating so make sure you bring things that help you relax. Most centers allow books as long as the topic or content matter isn’t harmful or affects your treatment.

However, they might have strict policies about magazines.

You can bring other things like painting supplies, darning needles and thread if you are interested in those activities.

Journaling might also help you write out your thoughts during difficult days. If you want to do yoga and meditation, consider bringing a yoga mat.

A good rehab center will make sure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

Hygiene Products

You will be required to maintain good hygiene while you are in rehab.

Make sure you bring basic necessities like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, combs, brushes and sanitary pads.

You can also bring your personal skincare and haircare products along with items like deodorant, tissues, makeup and perfume.

Looking and feeling good will help you start off your day with a fresh mindset.

Electronic Gadgets

Some rehab centers are okay with electronic gadgets while some will not allow them at all. A majority of the time, they are only allowed at certain hours of the day – you will be required to put them away during other sessions and activities. Rehab programs like the alcohol detox in Tampa are more considerate of patient comfort and needs and allow them to bring mobile phones to keep in touch with family members.

In some centers, however, you won’t be allowed to use any kind of gadgets for the first few weeks. 

There will be certain rules you have to follow like not posting any pictures or videos of the rehab facility online. There are both positives and negatives to using electronics in rehab.

As long as you use them the right way you will be fine.

In situations where the patient is pursuing online or distance education or working remotely, laptops might also be allowed at certain hours during the day.

Personal Documents & Items

Make sure you pack important personal documents and identification proofs.

These include your driver’s license, insurance papers, credit cards and debit cards.

You should also bring prescriptions of the medicines you are required to take.


Don’t forget to review your rehab’s policies before making a packing list. 

There are certain things that will be prohibited so make sure you don’t pack those things. Goes without saying, you wouldn’t be allowed to get alcohol, cigarettes or drugs on the campus.

In the end, these policies are made to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your recovery.

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