What To Avoid After Receiving Rhinoplasty?
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Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, as many call it, is a surgical procedure that reshapes a person’s nose, whether to change its appearance or improve a patient’s breathing. Sometimes, it’s to do both.

Procedures like nose jobs have a delicate healing process that can be disrupted in various ways. Patients are advised to avoid many practices and behaviors so that they don’t hinder recovery or cause further damage.

If you’ve recently gotten a nose job or are about to get one, below are a few things you should avoid after surgery.

1. Doing Strenuous Activities

Surgeons will advise you to avoid strenuous activities like exercising, lifting weights, running, and intensive walking. Generally, patients should avoid activities that involve pushing, pulling, bending, and any action that uses force or exerts pressure, at least for the first two weeks after the procedure. Extreme facial expressions, like smiling or laughing, are prohibited in the first few weeks of recovery.

You may resume a few physical activities in the third week, but you should consult with your surgeon first before doing them.

You should avoid contact sports, like basketball, for four to six months and swimming for around six weeks after surgery.

2. Blowing Your Nose

This is dangerous for rhinoplasty patients, and unfortunately, it will be harder to avoid, especially if you’re catching a cold or experiencing allergy attacks. At this point, staying hygienic will be vital in protecting your nose. Always wash your hands properly or bring hand sanitizer everywhere you go. Do all the necessary steps to avoid any conditions that will make you blow your nose while recovering.

3. Touching and Wearing Glasses

Always avoid touching your nose after surgery, no matter how curious you are about its new shape, to avoid hurting yourself or reverse the effects of the procedure, which will be a costly mistake. After all, the cost of a nose job starts at $8,999 because it’s such an intricate process.

Wearing glasses should also be avoided to prevent affecting the bridge of your nose and the tissues and cartilage underneath. Surgeons will advise you to wear contact lenses instead to avoid such issues as you recover from surgery.

4. Smoking Cigarettes

Steer clear from cigarettes after receiving your rhinoplasty, at least for the first three weeks after the procedure. Surgeons often tell patients who receive surgery to do so because smoking distorts the immune system, which can hinder proper healing.

5. Taking a Shower

You should keep the cast over your nose dry at all times until surgeons tell you to remove it. So you need to avoid taking a whole body shower to prevent the cast from being wet. You could still wash your face and body with a damp cloth, but you must avoid your nasal area. The good news is that you may only do this for a week.

Time and Patience Heal All Wounds

If you’re receiving a rhinoplasty or a nose job for the first time, know that the wound may take a couple of months to heal. Avoid strenuous activities and touching your nose since these practices may damage your nose. Always seek your surgeon’s opinion to ensure better healing and excellent results.

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