Tantric Massage is a form of therapy that was first conceived thousands of years ago in India. It is a form of therapy that allows partners to connect in a very spiritual and conscious fashion, allowing for the most tranquil, and sensual experience between a couple. However, in the professional setting, this can be carried out with a single man, woman, or a couple and a qualified tantric practitioner.

Part of the therapy involves basically a pure acceptance without the need for any judgment. It’s also about unblocking any blockages that are present in the body. In tantric speak, the Chakras (energy stores) need to be kept free from blockages to keep the body, mind, and spirit in harmony.

There is a lot of sensual energy flow during a tantric session, and this is both rewarding and enlightening for those taking part. It will allow for better connections between couples – mainly due to having a clearer understanding of wants and needs in the bedroom department. For those that are looking to embrace Tantra on their own, it can provide clarity and focus.

Getting Prepared

As with any therapy, a lot of the performance comes down to the level and quality of preparation. Here we look at some of the key elements to consider when setting up for a tantric massage with your partner:


When getting the room ready, it’s important to ensure that you have a real feeling of ambiance in the room. This can be achieved through some dim lighting such as candles, and some aromatherapy to give that sensual scent where you can. Its also important to make sure the room is uncluttered, with nice fresh and clean bedsheets.

Massage Oil

It’s really worth spending the money here. When it comes to massage oil, you really want one that is slippery and not too difficult to remove after your massage. Some people like to just use Coconut oil for massage as it also has some great effects on the skin too.

Duration of the Massage

One of the key things here is to allow plenty of time for your tantric massage. There is nothing worse than being rushed when participating in something like a tantric massage. Be sure to get rid of all distractions in the room too, so that you really can drift off into a faraway place for this heavenly massage experience.

Your Mindset

Even things like how you are thinking and how you feel are key before starting your massage. Try to meditate or use a method to really clear your mind. Some people might use some tantric breathing techniques here, or some basic tantric meditation. Embracing the therapy is key, and to do this you will need to ensure your mind is completely clear before starting your massage.

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