Do you struggle with frequent wakeups, stained sheets, and having to change your sheets around three times a night? It’s a common problem for caregivers of adults with incontinence issues. That’s why bed pads exist—to protect your bedding and furniture in case of incontinence leaks. They come in various sizes and arrangements to cater to every adult’s needs.

You can choose a bed pad with cotton or polyester materials based on how much absorbency you need. So, if you’re shopping for an adult bed pad, here are the top five bed pads that will keep your adults comfortable and hygiene conscious.

Understand Bed Pads

You could be aware of an adult diaper, which helps keep adults with incontinence issues dry and comfortable. But bed pads add an extra layer of protection to your bedding. Sometimes, especially at night, you can be too tired to wake up and change an adult diaper, which could cause incontinence leaks. The results are stained bedsheets, soiled furniture, and discomfort, as your adult may not be comfortable with the moisture. It’s not the case when you embrace the use of bed pads.

You’ll guarantee them a dry sleeping surface and comfort, two of the elements you should consider while choosing the best bed pads, and a clean environment, and you’ll also eliminate the need for constant bed changes. Having considered these unique elements, here are five bed pads you can trust.

1. The Wellness Absorbent Underpads

You need a highly absorbent and comfortable underpad. This is what the Wellness Absorbent Underpads offer. They ensure you keep your adult dry at all times thanks to their 9500 ml and more capacity and liquidity. Besides, the pads are disposable, making it easy to change your bed and dispose of without rewashing it.

Wellness-absorbent underpads are made from air-flowing, non-woven materials, making it easy for users to enjoy sleeping on them as they would on a bedsheet. These underpads are economical; you only need three dry changes in 24 hours. You can change the underpad after every eight hours, and this also gives you some peace of mind.

The Wellness Absorbent Underpads
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2. Pharmedoc Reusable Bed Pads for Incontinence

Sometimes, you want to give your adult optimum comfort without breaking the bank. Here, you can opt for the PharMeDoc reusable bed pads for incontinence. These bed pads are washable, hence reusable, saving you the money you would otherwise spend on buying and disposing of each bed pad after use. This bed pad can hold up to eight cups of liquid, so that you can use it for at least eight hours.

Besides its high absorbency, the bed pad also comes in sizes up to 52 inches, so you can comfortably fit it on the largest bed. Moreover, the designers of this bed pad have built it to withstand over 300 washes without compromising on its absorbency. This bed pad is four-layered, and the bottom layer has an anti-skid barrier, so you can forget about the pad moving as you toss around all night.

On the other hand, the topmost layer is soft and skin-friendly, so forget about allergies and roughness from friction.

3. Cardinal Health Essentials Reusable Underpad

With the Cardinal Health Essentials Reusable Underpad, you can forget about touching unnecessary things with your bare hands. This machine-washable bed pad is waterproof thanks to its PVC backing, which offers your mattress an added protection layer. The PCV backing also makes the bed pad non-slip, so you don’t need to worry about accidents.

Thanks to its dark pattern, this underpad bed pad conceals stains in case of an accidental leak, so you don’t need to be ashamed of stained mattress covers and bed sheets. It has a quilted, soft material that makes it skin-friendly.

Cardinal Health Essentials Reusable Underpad
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4. Kelisiting Incontinence Washable Bed Pad

Some people have unpleasant body odors. Other people sweat heavily at night. The Kelisiting Incontinence Washable Bed Pad, in addition to helping prevent incontinence leaks and accidents, also helps adults who sweat a lot. The bed pad is manufactured for adults who prefer all-natural materials, as it is made of cotton and bamboo.

You can use the bed pad on either side, meaning that when it’s too hot and you need some cooling effects, you switch to the cotton side. When the heat is unbearable in the summer, you can turn and use the bamboo side to stay calm. The designers of these bed pads do not, however, compromise absorbency. Besides being washable, this bed pad can absorb up to one liter of fluid.

5. The Medline Deluxe Fluff/Polymer Underpad

Talk of discreteness, and this Medline Deluxe Fluff/Polymer Underpad is the one that comes to mind first. Disposable bed pads are the best choice for adults with ulcer, pressure, and skin sensitivity concerns. Why? They are super soft and less likely to cause shear injuries from unnecessary friction.

Add to their softness and high absorbency, and you have a double gain—your adult will be both confident and safe. The pre-folded bed pads make it easy to pack a few in your suitcase on a road trip.

The Medline Deluxe Fluff/Polymer Underpad
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Bed pads protect your bedding, adults, and furniture, making it a triple gain. These bed pads can be disposable or reusable, depending on your needs. They also come in different designs, with some acting as mattress covers. Others have elastic straps that you can attach to the ends of your beds to hold them in place.

Some bed pads are also waterproof, so you can be sure no leak ever gets to your mattress. So, as you set out to buy adult bed pads, consider the size and whether the bed pad is waterproof. This way, you will improve an adult’s quality of life.

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