Feeling unsure about yourself and worn down can take a toll on your mind and body over time. In this case, you may want to take a step back and engage in some activities that can help you gain a new and different perspective and allow you to feel energized.

Working on bettering yourself is always worth it and a wise decision. The following advice covers some tips to help you recharge and gain confidence so that you can move forward with your head held high and a smile on your face.

Take in Positive & Uplifting Content

These days it’s easy to be connected all the time and not be mindful of the type of content and information you’re taking in. It’s very possible you’re reading articles or news that are slowly turning your thoughts more pessimistic over time. Negative news stories and comparing yourself to others on social media aren’t beneficial to your mental health. Instead, proactively filter in what you read and pay attention to what you choose to pay attention to. Try to take in more positive and uplifting content by reading daily affirmations and stories of success and hope. 

Update Your Wardrobe & Accessories

Your appearance also plays a role in how you feel about yourself and your confidence. One way to recharge and love who you see in the mirror is to update your wardrobe and accessories. Take the time to go through your closet and remove items that don’t fit right or are out of style. Invest in new and trendy accessories as well such as colorful handbags and shoes and these name necklaces. An updated and more fashionable wardrobe and look will help you recharge and give you a boost of confidence. 

Take A Solo Vacation

Another way to recharge and gain confidence is to go on a solo vacation. A break away from your usual routine and responsibilities will help you reset. Traveling alone can be a bit nerve-wracking but it can also be a very rewarding experience. It’s okay if you’re a bit uncomfortable with traveling alone or eating out alone. These are the types of experiences that will help you stretch and grow as a person. Use this time to go lay on a beach somewhere or go hiking in nature and participate in guided meditation sessions. Reflect on your life and goals and return home feeling ready to tackle your to-do list and achieve even more than what you already have so far. 

Re-Evaluate Your Inner Circle

Who you spend your time and days with also impacts your mood and confidence levels. Remind yourself that it’s okay to not let everyone in and to set boundaries with others. Recharge by removing toxic and negative people and energy from your life. Re-evaluate your inner circle and those who you call friends and family. Be choosy about who you spend time with and who you choose to trust. Surround yourself with positive people who support you and want to see you do well. You’ll likely quickly notice that your self-esteem gets a major boost when you work on protecting your peace by being picky about who you hang out with. 

Set Fitness Goals

Exercises such as cardio activities and weight training have many health benefits so it should be at the top of your to-do list daily. Recharge and gain confidence by setting fitness goals for yourself. Once you get going and are consistent with working out you’re going to begin shedding unwanted pounds and having a lot more natural energy. You’ll also have a sense of pride and feel good about yourself that you were able to set a goal and stick with it and meet it. 

Exercise will help get you into good shape and can also be an effective way to reduce and manage your stress so that you can clear your head and feel more centered. Also, try to get out of the house and exercise outside and in nature whenever possible which can be quite refreshing and will make you feel great. You’ll sleep better at night as well so that you are well-rested and can make wise decisions for yourself and have the energy and motivation you need to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Reflect & Review Your Accomplishments

Recharge and gain confidence by spending time self-reflecting. Review your past accomplishments which will allow you to clearly see what you’re good at and give you the self assurance you need to set and go after new goals. Keep a journal and write down these achievements so you can review the list regularly and ensure they stay top of mind. Sometimes seeing it on paper is all you need to get your motivation and confidence back. Use your newfound inspiration to create a vision board or to write down new goals you want to work on next. 

Find A Job & Hobbies You Enjoy

If you’re looking to recharge and boost your confidence then it’s important you’re deliberate about what you give your time and energy to. Your career or job takes up a lot of your schedule so it’s important that you like what you’re doing. Otherwise, you may quickly feel burned out or bored and disengaged. Find hobbies and a job you enjoy so that you are excited to get out of bed each day and have more structure in your life. A new career path or new hobby will allow you to recharge and look forward to each new day. You’ll gain confidence as you apply your skills and talents daily and see yourself doing things you never thought possible. 

Monitor Your Self-Talk

Proactively monitor your self-talk as well, as you work on improving yourself and boosting your confidence. How you speak to yourself and the thoughts and messages you repeat in your mind often become reality. Recharge by challenging negative thought patterns and assumptions and trying a new approach such as repeating positive daily mantras and making a list of what you love about yourself. You can’t allow others to tell you who you are or what you can or can’t do. Instead, you need to look inside yourself and build a solid foundation that allows you to stay focused on what you want and to continue working hard to create the life you desire. 

Be Grateful

If you want to recharge and gain confidence then consider practicing gratitude regularly. This is one habit that has the potential to greatly change your life and mindset for the better. Write down what you’re thankful for and review this list throughout the day. It’ll help you keep a positive mindset and there won’t be room or time to ruminate about what’s lacking or missing in your life. Gratitude has many benefits to offer and if you practice it often enough doing so will likely bring even more blessings into your life. Focus on what you do have and that’s going well instead of always wanting more or feeling as though you don’t have enough. It might be helpful to start and end your day by reviewing this list.  


You now know what you can do to recharge and gain more confidence in yourself. Keep in mind that it’s a process and you’re not likely to notice big changes overnight. However, stick with these suggestions and it won’t be too long before you are happier, healthier, and feeling great. The good news is that you can train yourself to become more confident and how you feel today isn’t your destiny. Instead, you can make changes that will then change your life and move you in a more positive and gratifying direction.

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