Are you thinking about becoming one of the 18 million Americans who get plastic surgery each year?

Since techniques have improved and costs have gone down, these procedures have never been more accessible. If you think that getting professional work done could boost your confidence and improve the quality of your life, then it’s always worth investing in your happiness.

Have you been Googling “blepharoplasty near me” recently? You’re not alone since this is one of the most popular surgeries out there. Keep reading to learn 5 effective tips on blepharoplasty recovery.

Tips for Blepharoplasty Recovery

1. Prepare to Take It Easy

One common mistake people make when researching this surgery is only paying attention to the blepharoplasty cost. It’s important to keep in mind that you should take around two weeks off from work and other activities, so make sure this fits into your budget. Try to make life easy during your recovery by freezing some nutritious meals and getting any other chores done in advance.

2. Use Ice Packs Often

Whether you’re getting a lower or upper blepharoplasty, it’s essential to ice your eyes often, especially within the first three days of recovery. Icing helps keep swelling and bruising down so there’s less damage. Make sure you avoid putting ice packs directly onto your sensitive eye skin so you don’t damage your cells.

3. Protect Yourself From the Sun

It’s best to stay indoors as much as you can while you recover, but this isn’t feasible for everyone. If you ever need to go outside, make sure you wear large, dark sunglasses and a hat to shield your face from the elements. You should ask your surgeon about sunscreen and if it’s okay to directly apply near your eyes.

4. Rest Your Eyes

Another important tip that will help keep you comfortable and heal faster is to prevent eye strain. This means that you should avoid reading, using the computer or phone a lot, watching tv, or doing any other activities that could put stress on your eyes. Surgeries sap energy, so feel free to take as many naps as you need.

5. Take Medication and Follow Other Directions as Prescribed

When you get eyelid surgery by Dr. Bloom or other great doctors, they’ll walk you through every step you need to take after your procedure. Since they’re the experts, you should try to follow their directions as closely as possible to ensure you get stellar results. This includes taking the proper doses for your medicine and finishing the course of the treatment.

Now You’re Prepared for Blepharoplasty Recovery

If you’ve been worried about the blepharoplasty recovery process, then these tips will help you feel great as soon as possible. It’s important to chat with your doctor if you have any more questions about what to expect from this procedure.

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