Curious about the latest supplement trend to enhance breast size? Learn the truth from a doctor’s perspective. Read now for the facts!

This Supplement Changed Their Breast Size
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Lately, TikTok is overflowing with health and wellness hacks, with new ones popping up almost daily.

The latest trend flooding my For You Page involves people taking bee pollen to ahem enhance their breast size. This trend has garnered millions of views and reportedly increased pollen sales by over 344% in just a few days.

For some background: bee pollen is a ball or pellet made of flower pollen, nectar, enzymes, honey, wax, and bee secretions. Some people claim it has potential health benefits, including immune support and heart health, though research is still limited.

Now, TikTokers are saying that bee pollen can help with breast enhancement. To dig into this, I spoke with Dr. Florence Comite, MD, founder of the Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health.

Dr. Comite explained that everyone’s bodies are different. The breast enhancement TikTokers are noticing could be due to hormonal birth control, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. Contrary to this trend’s claims, “There’s no scientific evidence that a specific type of food or supplement can increase breast size,” she told BuzzFeed.

“People have long made claims about foods and herbs increasing the size of body parts, like breasts and penises,” Dr. Comite said. But that’s not how it works. Food can only make breasts bigger in conjunction with weight gain. “Weight gain can increase fatty tissue in the breast, resulting in enlargement,” she explained.

Beyond the lack of evidence, Dr. Comite cautioned about the potential risks of store-bought bee pollen, which could be contaminated since dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA. “About 10 years ago, the FDA warned that certain bee pollen capsules contained a substance that could raise blood pressure and heart rate,” she noted.

Despite this, some TikTokers show before-and-after photos of their breasts after consuming bee pollen. Dr. Comite attributes these changes to hormonal fluctuations, natural changes due to age, or wishful thinking.

“Breast tissue evolves from in utero and continues throughout a woman’s life,” she explained. “Monthly cycles, pregnancy, and menopause can all alter breast size and shape due to hormonal changes.”

Dr. Comite emphasized the importance of being cautious about health advice on social media. “Consuming foods or supplements based on online posts can be dangerous. We all react differently to substances,” she said. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet or taking supplements.

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This post originally appeared on Buzzfeed.

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