Shine like a star under the spotlight

Get ready to dazzle with a beautiful smile that’s perfect for the red carpet! You too can discover the practical insider tips and tricks used by celebrities who turn heads and leave a lasting impression wherever they go. For starters, if your ambition is to own a set of pearly white teeth, it’s not just a matter of having excellent genes or practising good dental hygiene. If you want to be sure about obtaining that dream smile, you should consider professional in-office teeth whitening treatments. And, make no mistake about it, those very prominent A-listers and influencers whom you see online or on the silver screen, flashing their super white teeth – they have most probably already had professional whitening treatment, even while they may be endorsing other ‘best’ bleaching methods across their social media.

However, while it may be common practice amongst the stars, professional whitening teeth is not available exclusively to the wealthy and well-known. Cosmetic dental treatment has gained in popularity across all strata of society and is now widely accessible at numerous dental practices throughout the UK. The procedure is straightforward and secure and promises an effective approach to improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, ensuring that you achieve that camera-ready smile. Amongst the various procedures on offer, LED teeth whitening in particular is all the rage these days, offering an all-in-one solution for a star-quality sparkle.

Illuminating your smile with blue spectrum LED laser 

This technique for professional teeth whitening involves dental professionals and practitioners first using an activating cleanse and a whitening agent. They then direct a targeted blue spectrum LED laser onto the teeth. This blue light works as an accelerant to activate the whitening agents and helps them to brighten the enamel more effectively. Although the process may initially seem daunting and perhaps a bit scary, in reality, it is easy and safe, and the benefits of laser teeth whitening are truly remarkable in terms of comfort and convenience. The duration of treatment sessions is usually about an hour, during which the laser is applied to the teeth at intervals of 20-30 minutes each.

In addition, and unlike some other methods, professional teeth whitening offers the advantage of effectively removing stains from the teeth without causing them any harm. This is achieved by achieving a careful balance between the light-activated agent and the laser, which work together to break down and lift the stains. Afterwards teeth are left looking whiter and brighter while maintaining their strength and stability.

Potential side effects

Laser teeth whitening is known for its safety and effectiveness. Thanks to the gum barrier, it ensures minimal discomfort or sensitivity throughout the treatment. Any irritation that occurs during treatment is usually low-impact and temporary, and your dentist can readily make adjustments to the whitening procedure so that it will pass. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to have some moments of sensitivity after treatment, but they are usually brief and mild. These sensations may occur randomly within the first few days after whitening, but they typically fade away quickly.

Do I need to watch what I eat after professional treatment?

If you want to maintain the health of your teeth, it’s best to limit your intake of carbonated beverages, fruit juice, sugary treats, and chocolate. These foods have the potential to promote tooth decay and bacterial growth, ultimately leading to a less vibrant smile. After indulging in a particularly acidic snack, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with water. Meanwhile, some foods such as cheese, nuts, and green vegetables are known to be beneficial for maintaining the health of your teeth.

Research has shown that tea, coffee, alcohol, food dye and other additives found in food and drink may discolor teeth and affect the brightness of your smile. Consider using a straw when enjoying your morning coffee to reduce the chances of the color coming into contact with your teeth and causing long-lasting stains. Maintaining a healthy diet, practicing good oral hygiene, and avoiding certain foods and beverages can help you achieve a Taylor Swift million-dollar smile.

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