Simple Wellness Tips for Healthy Living

Living well looks different for everyone. For some of us, sticking to a plant-based diet, exercising regularly, and meditating for thirty minutes every day is ideal. For others, it’s making sure you treat yourself to a beer after a long work day.

For the most part, however YOU define wellness is ultimately what matters. Although there may be some exceptions when it comes to physical wellness and how we look and feel, we know that mental, emotional, and spiritual health also play significant roles. This article will go over three simple wellness tips for healthy living that everyone can apply.

1. Listen to Your Gut

Some experts think of the gut as the second brain. Our emotions and sense of wellbeing are heavily influenced by the balance of good and bad bacteria in our microbiome. This balance is impacted by stress, the food we eat, the supplements and drugs we do or do not take, and many other factors.

The gut is fragile, but when it functions optimally, you will reap significant benefits in overall wellness. From a better mood to clearer skin, your gut health is something that can significantly improve how you feel.

Additionally, since we don’t always make the best food choices and soothing our digestive distress can help our microbiome, taking quality probiotic capsules is an easy and effective way to get your gut in high gear.

2. Follow a Sleep Schedule

Circadian rhythms are not theoretical: there is a lot of evidence out there illustrating how important it is to listen to our internal body clocks for holistic wellness.

Although individual factors play a role, for the most part paying attention to sunrise and sunset can make a significant difference in how well we feel. Our DNA keeps a track record of our ancestral history, and our ancestors certainly had a better grasp of waking and sleeping according to the sun and moon!

You don’t need to go to sleep at 8 pm if the sun is down, but you might want to limit things that interfere with those natural rhythms that help us naturally get a good night’s sleep. Stay away from screens, or at least put your phone on night mode. Consider following a relaxing evening routine such as reading or taking a bath with bath bombs to get you into the mindset for sleep.

When we don’t prioritize our sleep, our physical and mental health both suffer. Rest, digest, and cellular repair each occur during sleep, so it is important that you respect these natural processes so that you benefit from greater health.

Follow a Sleep Schedule

3. Trust Your Intuition

More often than we’d like to admit, the need to rely on our gut instincts or our intuition is necessary. Whether we need to make an important decision or come to terms with something we don’t completely understand, our intuition can help us fill in the gaps when logic is lacking.

Listening to the quiet, wiser part of yourself is a way to stay grounded and to feel anchored, no matter what you’re going through. This self-sustained emotional support is essential for wellbeing, independence, and many other crucial parts of our experience.

The Bottom Line

Wellness is a unique process for everyone, but we know that regardless of our personal choices, wellness must always include all aspects of a person’s basic needs. The holistic or the whole-person approach is critical to the sense of wellbeing that we all strive to achieve and sustain. Consider the tips in this article to create a wellness plan that integrates the physical and mental self. You deserve it!

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