A radiant smile can mean all the difference to how people perceive you. If you feel uncomfortable about your missing teeth, it can damage your self-esteem and ruin your confidence.

Of course, losing a tooth is also a practical issue. It can make it difficult for you to eat and even speak. So what’s the solution?

The next time you visit a dentist for a dental implant, you should consult with a Dental Avant Garde specialist who will offer the best treatment within your budget to meet your dental needs.

So now, let’s look at five signs that you may need dental implants.

Signs You May Need Dental Implants

1. You’re Missing Some Teeth

Missing one tooth or more can be humiliating. It can be challenging to eat, and you may feel self-conscious about smiling in public.

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that look and feel exactly like your original teeth. Thus, by getting implants, you can restore your ability to eat normally and smile your days away with confidence. And we should mention that finding affordable dental implants from a reputable dentist isn’t a myth.

2. You Have a Broken or Cracked Tooth

A dental implant maybe your best option for restoring your teeth’ health if you have a broken or cracked tooth.

The dental implant dentist will tend to try to retain as much natural tooth structure as possible. Yet, if a tooth is damaged beyond repair, even the best dentist may need to extract it. If this is the case, the dentist can give you an implant that functions like your natural teeth. And it’s worth noting that many patients forget they have an implant after a while.

3. You Have a Loose-Fitting Denture

Dentures that are loose-fitting can be challenging to manage every day. You may need to remove them for cleaning and use messy adhesives to keep good oral health.

Consider implants as an alternative to dentures. When you opt for implants, you won’t have to worry about your dentures getting loose and falling out when eating or chatting in public.

4. Bone Loss Due to Missing Teeth

Without roots to stimulate growth, your jaw’s bone structure might begin to deteriorate in the spaces left by missing teeth. Implants serve as an artificial dental root to prevent this bone loss.

They attach to the bone tissue in a process known as dental osseointegration. This is because they tend to be zirconium and titanium made. So instead of experiencing mouth regression with missing teeth, the obvious answer is to get implants.

5. Sunken-In Face From Dentures

Denture wearers often suffer from a sunken-in facial appearance. This is similar to the bone loss caused by missing teeth, as dentures do not encourage bone development.

On the other hand, implants encourage the formation of new, healthy bone tissue surrounding the implant. So by getting implants, you can restore your facial appearance to its original strong-looking state.

Make Your Dentist Visit Count

On your next dentist visit, make sure to enquire about the option of implants. Getting implants could change how you feel about your smile and how your mouth and jaw function.

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